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(Internet slang) A genre of homoerotic media, usually manga and often pornographic, made by gay men for gay men in Japan.· (Internet slang) Gay male media of a similar style and aesthetic, regardless of the creator's gender or ethnicity.· (Internet slang) Any homoerotic media or pornography that accentuates macho masculinity; gay porn.·son Att öppna. sig och. förundras. Första steget mot en andlig relation. börjar alltid med öppenhet.Det säger. Kathlyn och Gay Hendricks i sin nya. bok ”Finn källan till andliga relationer”.. Här presenteras ett utdrag ur. boken, som också är en, som också är Meyer was dating a human rights lawyer named Alexi Ashe. They then engaged in July 2013. The two married on September 1, 2013, on Martha's Vinyard. They also have their son named Ashe Olson Meyer was who was born at Lenox Hill Hospital on March 27, 2016. On April 8, 2018, the couple gave birth to their second son, Axel Strahl Meyers in the lobby of their apartment. Beginning in July 2013 ... (1991) on the development of gay identity shows a clear pattern of significant and unqualified self-definition as gay being followed by a period of seeking affirmation from other gay men Om oss Hälsoliv är Sveriges största hälsosajt. Vi bejakar människors intressen och passioner, guidar, ger senaste nytt och inspiration. Hälsoliv bevakar det mesta inom hälsa såsom träning, skönhet, sjukdomar, stress, relationer, sex, kost och sömn. Läsarfråga: Jag har en liten fundering, kanske för privat men jag chansar, var du gay innan Anja, tänker på din stora flicka? Det här med barn när man lever i en relation med samma kön, tar man en kompis som bistår med lite yngel eller kör man rakt av på donator? Och hur bestämmer man egentligen Continued. If you're frazzled and don't have 10 minutes to de-stress, even a few deep breaths can help. Once you've practiced it a few times, a mini-version of this exercise can help ease tension.

My story

2020.03.18 12:52 dequacker My story

Basically I’m a cis gay man who for a long time identified as non-binary - and I’m talking about a year seeing myself as non-binary, ranging from simply going by he/they to full on trans enby and wanting to transition
Now I completely respect trans and enby people, but I’m cis, and I think a lot about how I thought I was enby for such a long time - I even thought I had dysphoria...maybe I did? I don’t know, but I definitely had something.
I think what made me ID as enby was because of two reason.
First, because the men around me were/are just awful at being men. They’re being so cringe, so gauche, talking shit about women and trying to ‘man up’ made me vomit. Now I know that those traits do not define being a man and I ID as male without any of that shit, but being grouped with boys just made me felt like a complete outsider. I had pretty much no male role modes in my life who weren’t cringe like that. I felt the same way with girls, that I was way different to them, but also to boys. I then ID’d as a nonbinary man and went by he/they, but I knew that inevitably I would go by they and ID as completely enby, because there was nothing about being male that I could see myself as
Second, because I wasn’t emotionally and mentally ready for puberty. Puberty happened to me so incredibly quickly. One minute I was a soprano who could sing the high part of the queen of the knights. Two weeks later I was a bass. And my body changed at such a huge rate that I wasn’t comfortable with it. When I got leg hair my first thought was ‘great, now I can’t wear shorts anymore’. I was shocked when people were jealous that I could grow a beard. I was like ‘wait you actually enjoy this?’ I felt like a huge male mess that just got in the way of everyone. And people started treating me different. I hated people saying ‘oh you’re so big and strong’ and I would be like ‘so?’ I tried eating less to try and make myself skinnier but I still remained big. Great. I just hated growing up, to be honest. I’ve been going to a boarding school since I was 8, where you’re all expected to behave like adults, and I feel like I’ve missed out on so much of my childhood as a result. I felt such a distance between me and my body, that my face was cut and pasted onto some random guys body. It felt weird and uncomfortable. Exactly like dysphoria. Was it dysphoria? I had extreme discomfort regarding the male characteristics of my body and wanted to change. If that’s how you define dysphoria than I certainly had it.
Then I stumble across the trans community in about December 2018, who talk about dysphoria and feeling out of place with their AGAB. I immediately related because I felt those two things and could see myself as trans - I didn’t feel at home in a male gender physically or mentally or socially. I didn’t see myself as male or female, seeing both as very restricting, and started IDing as enby and using they them pronouns. And I was way happier. I was shaving my body hair and could begin to see my body again as mine. I thought that I had found myself. I did find myself. I was way happier than before.
I started coming out as non-binary to my friends and family. I came out first to one of my friends when I was sorting this all out. In fact he knows my reddit account, he’s probably reading this lol hi timmy. Then a few other friends.
But I was slowly getting happier. By summer 2019 I was very comfortable with myself, and planned on coming out as non-binary to my school on October 11th (coming out day). I sorted my shit out, and was confident in myself to do it. There’s that point when you know when you’re ready to come out - when you don’t care about how people react, because you’re amazing anyway.
A big part of why I felt at home as non-binary was because it didn’t require you to be in boxes. I’m not masculine, but I’m also not exactly feminine either to be seen as a feminine gay man. And I really wanted to feel at home in a place. Simply being a ‘man who’s different’ isn’t enough. I wanted the experience of having a gender that fitted me to a t. Ironically enough, I was non-binary because I actually wanted to have a label that fitted me, though that label is very outcasted by society.
I began to realise that I wasn’t prepared to grow up - I was still clinging onto bits of my childhood because so much of it was taken away from me. I told myself that I had to accept growing up and that I was becoming an adult, regardless of gender. It was a tough thing to do, but I tried to see myself as a 17 year old. I couldn’t really see myself as an adult enby, but I tried to go through with it.
Then I arrived back at school in September, just as the Steven Universe Movie came out. And I’m a huge fan of SU so I immediately watched it. And the show was about moving on, and that we all need to accept continuous change, otherwise you’ll be left behind like Spinel in the garden. That was a huge wake up call to me. But what was also huge was the new character Steg. What was amazing about Steg to me was that he’s the one of the only characters in the entire show to show clear and intense masculinity. But the thing was, none of it was toxic like how I always envisioned masculinity to be. Though we only see him for one song, he embodied masculinity without any toxic parts and was just fun. Also, ContraPoints’ video on men showed that men needed to reform how masculinity is defined.
That was a huge moment for me because I realised not only that there was a clear form of masculinity that wasn’t toxic, but also...I wanted to have that form. To have a male gender but not be toxic and all about ‘manning up’ or other gauche shit like that. And I could see myself as male, using he/him pronouns and being socially seen as male. I started growing out my body hair again and felt no discomfort at all, and could see my body as my own. I was really confused, but also kinda happy that I wouldn’t have to be a part of an extremely marginalised group.
I tried talking to other people about this, and de-came out to many people. But there honestly aren’t that many people and forums to talk about this on. The only sub I found was r detrans but they’re all transphobic and probably taking out their anger of being wrong on trans people. That’s why I created this sub to try and provide a space for the cis who question, whilst being trans inclusive. Being non-binary, in the end, wasn’t me. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not for someone else.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading my story. I’d love to hear yours if you have one. Thank you
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2012.10.15 03:38 tabledresser [Table] InternetAMA: IAM Andrewsmith1986. First person to 1 million comment karma, moderator for 2 (previously 4) defaults, drama central. AMA

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Date: 2012-10-03
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Questions Answers
Where did you first hear about reddit? Youve been here a long time, has reddit evolved in a positive or negative way over the years? A bit of both? About 6 years ago I started visiting reddit.
I think it has evolved both positively and negatively.
What about infamous stories like vagina bacon and cumbox. Would those stories be considered positive or negative to you? Positive.
They give the community a few jokes that only the community would know about. It brings everyone together.
Poor Colbie. I think that post is fake as hell.
How often do you think fake posts make it to the front page? All day every fucking day.
Why are you no longer a mod for 2 of 4 default reddits? I'm no longer a mod of IAMA because I went against the top mod about a rule that he unilaterally added.
I'm no longer a mod of askreddit because I said a first name to a user (is wasn't even his name) and fought with everyone about it. It was a long time coming because I made a lot of drama in the back room about rules and how we should be serving the users and not ourselves.
If even half of this is true, I love you. I will join in contributing what meager comment karma I can to you and your disgusting hoard of arrows. No need to upvote me strictly because of my name.
Upvote me when I deserve them and downvote me when I deserve them.
Well, good on you for Standing Up to The Man. The users should have the final say on everything.
Ill be honest I alyways want to hate you because you are everywhere, but you alyways come of as a decent chap when the shit starts flying. I have a decent job, a gorgeous gf and great friends. I am rarely at home due to these things. I wouldn't trade it away for anything.
Considering the amount of work you put into reddit, whats your IRL like (I'm assuming pretty dull but hope to be wrong)
Get real. people DOWNVOTE you strictly because of your name. I never said that they didn't.
That's just crazy talk. Y U B so crazee? Why put rules on people that never wanted them in the first place?
Why, to improve the quality of reddit, of course. Improvement for who?
The mods? the users?
What do you do to get so much karma? I've been here forever.
Do you ever logged out of reddit? It logs in automatically.
There's gotta be more to it than that. I make a lot of comments as well.
Why do you care about karma? I don't.
How many super secret elders subreddits are you a part of? At least 20.
Is your work hiring people at the moment who can sit on reddit all day? Nah, we just hired 4 more people.
How did you celebrate 1,000,000 karma? I went to sleep and went to work the next morning.
Wait, you work? How do you have time for work? What do you do? Why not both?
I'm a gis mapper.
You did cheat. don't fucking lie How can you cheat at karma?
You have multiple accounts. eat shit and die, you cocksucker. I have 60 or so accounts.
Exactly. you post about 500 comments a day. then fucking upvote each and everyone with all your accounts! its fucking pathetic. Don't gimme that bullshit about how reddit only counts different ip addresses. Even if it were true it could easily be bypassed with a vpn service. Lol.
Ninjaedit: Unless you're Charlie Chaplin. I agree but I think goatees look like shit too but I wouldn't ostracize anyone for having one.
How does it feel to be a millionaire? The same.
1) Favorite book? Wildwood wisdom.
2) If you could have any job in the world what would it be? Astronaut or president.
3) If you and Apostolate had a fight to the death using only what is within five feet of you currently as weapons, what would you pick and why? Also who would win. The knife in my pocket(would go into my weak hand) and a black inkpen. both could easily kill. I can handle myself pretty well in combat situations so I'd bet on myself.
Ah one more question, do you feel like you've changed at all for the betteworse from being on reddit so long? I think I've changed for the better.
I take things less seriously and I type better now.
I'm a lot less cynical.
How does one become less cynical by browsing reddit? Hang out in small subreddits.
Ah, fair enough. I've just started to exploring them. But I got to say, there's a lot of internal drama in those. Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Any recomendations? And anything that interests you /wicked_edge /startrek
What was your honest reaction when you hit 1 million comment karma. Did you not care because it is Reddit or were you genuinely excited? I was laughing and talking to friends on Facebook about it.
It was a pretty funny day in general.
33k karma on a sunday.
33k karma on a Sunday? Shit, how did you manage to rack up that much karma on Sunday? good timing? By making 800 comments.
How do you find the time to reddit so fucking much? Also, because you reddit so much, how often do you see reposts from stuff you know you have seen 3-4 years ago? It's reposts all the way down.
I normally only reddit while at work.
Where do you work? Are they know your reddit account? Are they okay with you redditing while at work? Yeah, I mentioned reddit in my interview.
So your current job is okay with it? What about your previous job? Previous job didn't enjoy it but the previous job kinda sucked.
What is the stupidest thing that anyone got mad at you about? How I dot my eyes.
I kinda drag the dot a lot.
Oh, I meant on Reddit. Oh god.
I said that people shouldn't use tits to gain karma in /pics and that cause a few riots.
If I am ever in LaFayette will you get black out drunk with me? That has always been the plan.
This is a late query...but what state of Lafayette? I know of 2. Lafayette, CA and Lafayette, IN. Louisiana.
it is such a good one. I am actually going to a meetup in NOLA in January, so maybe I will detour. I have a feeling we will end up in jail and I will never make it to the meetup. What meet up?
On a related note, do you ever make it to meetups in BR? I just moved back here, and have been looking forward to stalking you. Nope, only to ones in lafayette.
When is the next one?
Yeah, but you need to come to Dallas sometime. I'm going to austin in November.
I do need to stop by eventually.
Ahh. I thought you were a NorCal man? I like it but it is difficult to get used to.
how do you like the new csgo? I know you're a cs fan I can't quite get the hs down.
She is going to hang out with me. From nola?
Some people from one of the subs I mod and I are going. I have a steal on a familiarization trip from my travel agent days, so basically we'll be going for free. apostolate?
Well, there's one tonight at Spanish Moon, but I'm assuming your helicopter is still in the shop, so we'll have to play it by ear. I guess I'll have to plan one? When does it end?
I'm broke and so driving to BR is a bad move.
Lets get beers in Austin. I posted in /austin yesterday.
Psst. Never go to dallas. It is the city god forgot. The flats.
Why are you getting downvoted? And I feel the same. Hitboxes were shrunk and more realistic, but I hope it's not gonna flop like cscz :/ I get downvoted for lots of reasons.
MOD HERE. RULE #2. BE CAREFUL. <3. I've already been removed from the sub.
Rule #2 violation. B& Edit: she meant /geriatricporn. Should I start posting the screenshots or the pastebins of the subreddit now?
Hmm, I'm not allowed into there anymore. Oh well. Yeah, I just got banned.
:( Zoid has a vendetta against me.
That would ensure that you are never voted into /MURICA. Like I could ever be voted in.
Half of you have some silly vendetta against me.
That is a very empty threat.
How old are you? 26.
Is your name Andrew Smith? I've been using this account name since I was 11.
Is it true that you throw quarters at midget strippers, as my RES tag for you says? Yeah. In terrrebone parish.
How did you rig the million karma race? Karma is simple if you seek it out. When it got close I decided to win and so I kicked it up a notch instead of just posting because I was bored.
Is it true about the POLITE ALL CAPS GUY thing? Nah, that was a huge joke that backfired on me.
Did you start the joke? Nope.
I stumbled into it while drunk.
Speaking of PAC, whatever happened to him? Do you have any idea why he deleted his account? Also, when are we having our monkey knifefight? I think he just got fed up with it and switched accounts.
I stumble into a lot of things while drunk. I stumble into a lot of things when I'm not drunk. I'm a clumsy person. No one cares about you.
Don't dodge the monkey knifefight question Andrew. I'm down for it.
Yeah well fuck you too. Nobody cares, uncentury.
See if I ever hang out with you :( We both know you will.
Don't deny me.
Are you POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY? I remember the rumors, but I really can't remember if they were true. Also: what do you think about novelty accounts especially Shitty_Watercolour and arrowtotheknee? I am not, it was a joke.
I liked the user that made S_W a lot more than S_W himself.
ATTK, I don't like the account but I like the person behind the account.
Oh my god, are their main accounts well known, or are they even the same person?! They are both different entities and both of their mains are prominent.
I could imagine attk is apostolate, or karmanaut... Those guys have so many accounts, and so many redditors hate them. Nope.
Well, I give up now, but it was an honour to speak with you even though nobody I know will be excited when I tell them that I talked to andrewsmith1986 :/ Lol, anytime.
Star Trek or Star Wars? Trek for life.
What is the most downvoted thing on Reddit, oh wise guru? Link to
What's your least favorite thing that reddit has ever done? Every witch hunt ever is my least fav.
Link to Link to
How do you get away with redditing so much at work? Because I still get more work done than most people.
What line of work are you in? GIS mapper.
Gave you ever posted to /gonewild? Twice. once of my dick after I pierced it and once of me and a lady.
Why do guys pierce their junk? Why would you mutilate your genitals like that? Eugh. I was drunk and bored and askreddit said that I shouldn't.
You mention being drunk a lot. Kind of concerning or typical 26 year old behavior? I've actually slowed down in the last few months.
The girl I'm seeing doesn't drink too much.
PA or jacobs ladder? Frenum.
Its my cake day. How much karma have you gotten in one cake day? It was the whole me being polite all caps guy mess.
Damn, you were him? Are you ME? It was just a joke.
1) How often do you get recognized on reddit? 20-100 times a day.
2) Have you ever interacted with the admins (either online or IRL)? Couple hundred times. I have most of them on aim/facebook/gmail chat.
3) How much time do you spend a day on reddit? I only reddit while at work (typically) and lately I've been working 7 days a week so about 40 hours.
4) How do you think you were able to accumulate so much karma? Can anyone do it? I'm a white college educated male and so are most of the users. Absolutely anyone could do it.
5) Have you ever tried to use your "reddit power user" status to your advantage (either online or IRL)? I've used it to ask special favors that may not work for everyone.
Like what? Like getting places to stay when I visit specific cities.
Also, do you think you'll be meeting the admins IRL anytime soon? Maybe so.
Whats your favourite reddit thread ever? The Lion tamer AMA.
Explanation & link? Link to
It's an interesting read, but why exactly is it your favorite? Any particular answer that you enjoy most? It was the one that made me fall for /IAmA.
It's just my favorite due to nostalgia.
If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference. Utah raptor is probably a bit too big.
I think I could take on two velociraptors though.
I'm suddenly more intimidated by andrewsmith now.. I'm 6'4 and 215lbs. I can handle two small turkeys with a spear.
That's true. I forgot how hyped up Velociraptors are, especially here on reddit. Now just figure out how to disable a stegosaurus and I'll be even more impressed. I think with enough spears and an atlatl and I could possibly handle a steg.
How did you find Reddit? Through digg and I found digg through 4chan.
How did you find 4chan? YTMND and High school friends.
What were you doing in denmark? Just hanging out.
When is Andrew's Adventure Time happening? I'm thinking late next spring or early next fall.
If you were trapped in a room with a violin, and no escape until you break the violin, how would you break the violin? Against the wall or on the floor.
Then I'd hold my arms out like jesus, drop the violin and say "peace"
Do any of your real life friends know you who you are on here? Any interesting sudden revelations? All of them know.
I use andrewsmith1986 for everything.
They all think it is pretty stupids.
All my girlfriends have hated it.
What beers have you been drinking lately? Old rasputin.
Your favorite games? Counter strike and dota.
AMA and askreddit need to change their rules. I'm sick and tired of reading the same threads over and over. What are your thoughts on this? You may be tired of it but what about the new users and the people that aren't on every day?
If you look at the recent posts, you can easily tell that the same stuff is posted every week. It has gotten to a point where I can predict what posts will be top comment. I can too.
I only say the comments that I have said before though.
I don't steal anyone elses commenst.
What is your favorite sort of sandwich? Muffuletta made by my mother.
Do you know any languages other than English? A little german, a little spanish.
Who makes the best pralines in New Orleans? I don't eat pralines.
What's your favorite subreddit? wicked_edge and /nfl probably.
Huzzah! Another wet shaver! Definitely a great crowd over there :) I'm a mod there now.
I introduced the flair.
nfl is great. Do you play fantasy? Yep.
I play with drunken_economist and theatomicplayboy and supermanv2 and a bunch of other redditors.
Were you the one that made up the icons? I remember that thread, but not the name of who posted it. I didn't make them up, I just talked the main mod into letting me slowly change the sub.
Are you part of the so-called reddit rat pack or whatever it is called? What's that all about? Nah, I'm just friends with them.
Since you've been here for a while: What's your favorite event/conspiracy/post that's ever happened on here? Fav event was reddit mold on april fools day.
Conspiracy was all the karmanaut/phoy drama because I led to it being uncovered.
I still dont get the deal with the karmanaut guy, is there a post that sums it all up? Just search "karmanaut" in /SubredditDrama
Obviously you comment a lot. What's your upvoting/downvoting practice like though? I upvote a lot more than I downvote.
I downvote maybe 1-2 times a day.
What have been your best and worst moments on Reddit? Best was probably the day that I became a mod.
Worst was my first major witch hunt because I just felt the website was ridiculous and the users were fucking stupid.
How did you end up becoming a mod? I was voted in by the users of /AskReddit.
did we ever make it up to you? Nope.
Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the /MURICA team? Can you think of anyone more murican?
I always think I'm right, I talk more shit than a plumber, I cause chaos and mischief anywhere I go and I'm banned from /unitedkingdom.
And, lol.
For being a smart ass? For being awesome.
For being to 'MURICAN. Fuck yeah.
This is a little late but I noticed you started posting heavily in all the defaults when Apostolate was nearing 1,000,000 karma. I've always posted to the defaults. (well, for the last 2 years)
After you hit one million stopped commenting so much so much. I slowed my commenting because I got a gf and shit going on in my life.
Admit it. You wanted to be the first, right? I didn't decide that I wanted it first until we were both 30k away.
What was your best comment ever? Hmm, I have no fucking clue.
Do you have a job? If so, how do have so much time? If not, why aren't you looking for a job? And if you are a student, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME!? I just have time to reddit while at work.
In all of your time here, what is the most terrible thing you've seen Reddit do? Harass /suicidewatch.
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? 100 horses easy.
Birds are scary and ducks are vicious.
What's your most downvoted comment? Link to
Probably that one.
Why do some people hate you? Why do some people hate obama/gays/canada? Some people just need a boogey man.
Do you make money from this? Whatever 'this' is? Nope.
What activity/hobby takes up the time when you are not on reddit? The girlfriend and trivia take up the other time normally.
And working out/cycling
I am very well! How are you, any new developments? Nope, just been spending time with the gf.
How many friends on Fb have you added since Internet fame was acquired? Good luck with your new found powers! Probably about 100 or so from reddit.
How do you know which people are from reddit? Have you been on reddit so long you know everyone's real name? Oh, I don't.
I look at where they are from.
Since you've posted as much as you have, and you get recognized as much as you do, how often do people send you their tags for you? Not so often any more. like once a week now.
Also, do you still think Nigel Thornberry is funny? Yes, yes I do.
Are you Apostolate? No.
What do you think of the new Dinosaur Jr. album? I didn't give it the shot that it deserves.
I'll give it another listen.
Yeah I really liked it, you ever listened to Sebadoh? Nope any song I should give a listen to?
Pancakes or Waffles? Why? Pancakes.
I like the fluffiness.
How do you claim to get laid so much when you're on reddit 24 hours a day? Well, currently I have a gf.
I only reddit while I'm at work.
What state do you live in? Louisiana.
Dang. I saw Lafayette and hoping you were in Pa. Nope, sorry.
Do you have a copypasta document for the right things to say when certain submissions come up or is it all from memory? Anything I would say in real life.
Sure, but will you at least admit you're very aware of what kinds of comments will garner the most upvotes in a comment? That's part of the game, isn't it? I know what will gain the most, I just don't say those comments.
Okie doke. Is there any way you can use your clout to get social media screencaps banned from funny? We are working on that.
How do you feel about new power users trying to emulate you? (the karmawhores trying to get karma without adding to the conversation.) More power to em
Aww dammit I missed this AMA. Great read though. What is your favorite knife brand and specific folder? Kershaw leek.
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