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【gq男士网】是中国第一个视野开阔的时尚男人网站,聚焦时尚资讯,解读每季国际男装发布会及时尚趋势,引导男士时尚品味生活和潮流消费,最全最快呈现《智族gq》杂志内容。 Post Malone Covers the Spring 2020 Issue of GQ Style. Inside the life of the 24-year-old hitmaker and style antihero. By The Editors of GQ Style March 2, 2020 MORE. Best of GQ. Get the latest men's fashion and style trends, celebrity style photos, news, tips and advice from top experts of GQ. The latest GQ Style Magazine news and features. Explore British GQ to find out more including articles on fashion, grooming and culture. Men's fashion & style brought to you by industry experts at British GQ. GQ magazine provides entertainment, sport and culture news, reviews and comment. GQ is the premier men’s magazine, providing the latest in fashion and style advice, revealing sports profiles, tips on fine food and drink, entertainment, sex, politics and more. Packed with authentic, incisive features on sport, fashion, entertainment, politics, technology and fitness, GQ is the modern man’s guide to living a truly stylish ... GQ Style is the fashion and style guide of GQ and appears twice a year as a supplement. The high-quality fashion bible presents fashion trends, collections and must-haves of the coming season, exclusive interviews, spectacular shoots with celebrities and extensive styling tutorials. Что носить мужчине в 2020 году? Модные тренды в одежде, обуви, аксессуарах, советы стилистов - читайте онлайн в gq GQ Australia Mens Magazine - Luxury, Food, Sport, Girls, Style and Car articles, galleries, how-tos and competitions. Be a better man. Read GQ. Alles für Männer mit Stil: Von Autos und Technik über Mode, Uhren und Frisuren bis hin zu Karriere und Beziehung.


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2020.09.19 18:01 krumbledmc KrumbledMC [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Greylist} {Economy} {Dynmap} {1.16.3} {Mature} {Casual} {18+} {Lockette} {ChestShop} {Vanilla World} {Creative World} {SkyBlock} {OneBlock} {Mining World} {Multi-World}

Are you an adult and tired of toxic communities? So were we, and so were many of our members. We are a small community of adults from very diverse backgrounds and countries that just enjoy playing Minecraft, without all the drama and toxicity.
We have multiple worlds to match your playing style.
  • SMP - A world with plugins to make the game more fun
  • Mine World - A world to gather resources from, so you don't have to tear up your home area by mining.
  • Vanilla World - Minecraft without plugins
  • SkyBlock - The challenge of building with limited resources, in the sky! Complete with in game challenges.
  • OneBlock - Start out with a single block in the sky!
  • Central - A creative world modern City Build.
We utilize anti-griefing plugins along with a variety of other plugins to make the game fun and your builds safe.
So come by, enjoy the community, shop at the player and admin shops, complete the challenges of Skyblock, contests, community builds or just build to your hearts desire.
  • Apply for membership
To play on our server, all you have to do is sign up on our forum and put in an application for membership, by clicking HERE.
See you soon! :)
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2020.09.19 16:26 TonkatsuRa Industrial style furniture (Sir Adams Hotel, Amsterdam) - Where to find in CH/EU?

I was at the Sir Adams Hotel in Amsterdam last week and their furniture blew my mind. Everything is Bohemian/Industrial/Rock style and I'd wish I'd find a supplier here in Switzerland or Europe who sells similar things.
I adore their glass front cupboard with wire-mesh inbetween. Or the sink with the mirror that has an illuminated writing on the mirror. Never seen anything like it. Here are some Photos as reference:
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2020.09.18 01:52 Cry6ix Need a Solid €1500 PC for Creative Work (Editing, Graphics Design, 3D Modeling) with the Option for some Gaming. First time ever buying a PC other than a laptop so bare with me!

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Creative Work, mostly photoshop, premier pro, dimension, illustrator and cinema4d with the ability to run games like r6, warzone and other similar titles.
The thing is i dont need render times to be lightning fast i just want them to be done in reasonable time and for programs to not crash half way through my workflow.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
This week coming but if there's new parts coming out worth waiting for I can wait maybe 2 weeks max.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Everything but Keyboard Monitor Mouse and mouse pad (i'll do that myself)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Ireland / UK Online
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Don't know much about overclocking so no. Maybe down the line if people suggest it and it's not hard to do.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Would like a solid processor like an i7, 16GB RAM
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Wired and Wifi Option
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Something minimalist. One colour lighting (White or blue) and maybe a black or white shell. No RGB flashing lights or bright green stuff. Here's some nice looking builds i found on google
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Windows 10 English
Extra info or particulars:
If im missing basic stuff just tell me and ill do my research. I have been planning on buying a DELL XPS Laptop with 10th gen i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6 but if i can get a better more suited pc made for the same price i'd rather go for that.
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2020.09.17 21:13 Capable-Paramedic Legend - Metal Galaxy Special Interview: translated to English (another version)

I had been interested in translating it, but I cannot get any original copy by myself because I am not 'the One' member. Then, fortunately, thanks to u/Pappy_OPoyle the original text was supplied. So I worked at it and finished at last.
Though there became some other deliverables already, allow me to add this for your reference and comparison.
I am not used to writing sentences of such length in English, so I utilized DeepL as a rough translation then added corrections necessary by checking against the original and rewrote some parts as a whole. As a result, it must be far from fluent, rather redundant, and lack a unified style. Sorry about that in advance.
But at least I paid attention to convey any details of the original contents into English. I would be happy if that will be of any use to whom interested.

We in Japan tend to use '四字熟語 / Yoji-Jukugo / Four charactered word' idiomatically. Here used "試行錯誤 / Shikou-Sakugo" was literally converted to "trial and error", but it seemed somewhat obsolete when used repetitively.
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2020.09.16 18:53 Dog-Lick-Gink Ⓙ Rebrand: Learned (16th to 22nd of September, 2020) A detailed track choice rationale...

Ⓙ Rebrand: Learned (16th to 22nd of September, 2020) A detailed track choice rationale...
Ⓙ Rebrand is a 1 hour long, weekly curated Spotify playlist with new artwork and theme/title each week. This post details a song choice rationale for each track in this week’s Ⓙ Rebrand playlist in chronological order. All past weekly “Rebrand” playlists are saved on my Spotify profile and if you come across this post outside of the date in the title, here is a link to the Ⓙ Rebrand: Learned (16/09/20) backup playlist.
Image desc: weekly playlist artwork showcase with accompanying description/theme
  • Title/Theme: Learned
  • Length: 1 hour and 1 Minute
  • Number of full length tracks: 13
  • Theme accompanied description: Learned. We are always learning. What we spend our time doing is what we learn to do. Our time is spent learning behaviours. 📈 Let’s promote positive change my homies.
  • Genres this week: EDM, pop, hip hop, spoken word, organic electronic, indie soul, deep house, electronica, deep disco house, german house, uk tech house, canadian pop punk, alternative future industrial metal lel - the Ⓙ Rebrand playlist playlist is organised into genres (within the Spotify app). If you can't see these labels in your app: go to Settings>DisplayOptions>Show unavailable songs ☑ )
My song choice rationale:
How It Hurts - Malvae, Esther Veen: [Genres: vapor twitch, future bass, electronic trap, pop edm, bass trap, traprun] This track has some really cool sounds in it and is going to be one of the more "pop" tracks in this weeks playlist. It has a really nice intro and therefore it gets to open the playlist and I’m super happy with this find. ‘Nough said? :S
Rock On - Funkdoobiest: [Genres: hip hop, turntablism, alternative hip hop] I’m slamming in another Funkdoobiest tune this week because I have been rincing Brothas Doobie (featured in this weeks: Ⓙ Album of the week)
We Die - Kate Tempest: [Genres: slam poetry, spoken word, hip hop] I love Kate Tempest and this is a really sweet track. Off the album: Let Them Eat Chaos which is a favourite of mine for sure. If you like this artist, definitely check out the new single "Time Is Hardcore" (High Contrast featuring Kae Tempest & Anita Blay)
Street Jazz - Awon, Dephlow, Phoniks: [Genres: jazz rap, jazz boom bap, alternative hip hop, boom bap, underground rap/hip hop] This tune has such a lovely “floral” jazz sound to it. It’s a great combination that this gang pulls off well. Certainly a favourite out of the Ⓙ Hip Hop Chillin' playlist that I’ve been enjoying lately.
Hey Young World - Slick Rick: [Genres: bronx hip hop, east coast hip hop, old school hip hop, alternative hip hop, southern hip hop] A lovely, inspirational song by Slick Rick. Love this guy. Beautiful springtime tunes.
Close - Jesper Ryom: [Genres: indie soul, deep house, electronica] To start out the second half of this week's playlist, the electronic segment (House/Techno)… This mellow, moody, 6 minute long deep house track by Jesper Ryom is a nice way to ease into the genre for the following 25 minutes. About half the playlist this week is house/techno music wedged in between the Hip hop and metal.
Bakaval - Aquarius Heaven: [Genres: deep disco house, german house] So, this week I found this artist: Brian Brewster aka: “Aquarius Heaven” and I’m really happy with the discovery. This is some cool experimental house music with roots in reggae and dancehall featuring a hip-hop singer with colours of the Caribbean in his voice. I wanted to put even more Aquarius Heaven in this week’s playlist, but had to hold back. Possibly more next week. [Timestamp: 5:25 - 5:32] This section has a similar style to that of one of my favourite musically talented YouTube freestyle streamers: Marc Rebillet (866K subs)
Days Without You - Crussen Remix - Satori, Miou Amadée, Crussen: [Genres: organic electronic, ethnotronica, organic house] This tune was added to the: Ⓙ Tribal House Organic Electronic playlist. Which has been a high rotation (genre wise) for me lately.
Slander - Radio Edit - AW: [Genre: tech-house] This is a brand new track from this elusive “AW” artist who is a rising figure in the tech-house community. I rate this music highly, very groovy shit! Holy... Listen to the full (non radio edit) version here. That will be the version I put in the Ⓙ Rebrand Archive 2020
Baby Baby (Original Mix) - Sandor: [Genre: uk tech house] This is just a fun techno song that is high paced and groovy. Also mastered quite well.
Lonely Road to Absolution - Billy Talent: [Genres: canadian punk, pop punk, punk, nu metal, alternative metal] It’s the opening track to this week’s Ⓙ Album of the week playlist. An all time favourite album of mine. I feel this song is referring to people who are less empathetic and more selfish in nature. It seems sometimes even the bad things they do ca receive praise. Human nature has shown that many people choose the path of dishonesty and betrayal because it often goes unpunished and there is little reward for being righteous. This song identifies this and gives them an opportunity to rethink what they’re doing, all by themselves. I think that while yes this song is short the best thing you can do for it is to play it side by side with Viking death march as it leads into that and I have put this track in Rebrand as a "starter" for that album.
Self vs Self (feat. In Flames) - Pendulum, Inflames: [Genres:] This track features In Flames vocalist: Anders Fridén. This track has always been a favourite of mine. I was hesitant to put it in because it’s not the best quality (production-wise) but I’ve been enjoying it lately so it’s going in this week's playlist, but not in the 2020 archive.
The Imperial March - Celldweller: [Genres: future rock, industrial metal, industrial rock, nu metal, alternative metal] This track is very full-on and mastered with a method of production I like to call “wall to wall” when you look at the waveform it’s just all so close to clipping, it’s a huge wall of sound and this song is just that, but I found it nostalgic, powerful and a fitting end to this week’s playlist. Peace homies.
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2020.09.15 16:04 MississippiCreampie Hi Guys! I’m a single mom who has no clue where to start. My 13/m child is experiencing “growing pains”. Where can I find extremely affordable (read cheap) menswear that will be flattering to his figure and boost his confidence? His light is fading in his eyes and it’s killing this Mama.

I’ve posted in a few subs regarding my son. He’s a teen who has seemingly grown up overnight! He is 5’6” and pushing 180 lbs.
His weight and increasing daily stretch marks are proving to dampen his spirits. He is the most kind, thoughtful, and genuinely good kid I’ve met. I don’t say this because he is my child, but rather the constant compliments on his character from teachers, peers, and my friends and family. Of course, I felt this to be true- but it’s not parental bias.
Since March he had gone into puberty hyper-speed. He has facial hair that would make men jealous. This kid will never struggle growing a non-patchy beard! Lol.
I’ve bought him tons of self care products as of late, and he enjoys taking care of his skin and grooming. We try to make it a bonding experience. I love my masks and other at-home spa treatments. He is always keen to join. He is open with me about his feelings and insecurities and I am so grateful for this!
In just a few months, and despite little change in routine, physical activity, as well as diet- he has gained weight anyways. He shot oassed 32” waist pants and is now in a solid 38”.
Times are tough for everyone with massive unemployment as well as financial issue for many. This is not untrue for myself. The pandemic seemed to make a tight budget now non existent.
He has many clothes I’ve bought over summer- some being fall/winter clothes that I even bought while on sale during off season, but the sized up items I bought he outgrew before he could even wear them! Even his new summer clothes he outgrew within weeks.
Sunday I took him to try to find flattering clothes that he liked that were complimentary to his build. The shopping seemed to suck even more light out of his eyes. I’ve tried being extremely supportive. Size is a number, I’ve tried to remind him he is at a point of growth and development where his body will be changing rapidly and compliment him often.
His build is stocky. That’s unavoidable due to him being blessed with my genetics. He has extremely large muscular thighs that are whoa thick, a rear end that would make men and women alike green with envy. He also has a classic cortisol tummy, and his nipples have become a bit puffy.
Just to assure you I’m doing all I possibly can to help encourage and lift his spirits, I am on top of the possibility he has an endocrine issue that may be contributing to these hyperspeeding changes.
The therapist in our insurance network that accepts adolescent clients had no new patient appts until November, which we booked but I worry about the next couple months. His self esteem had plummeted and seeing the light snuffed out of his beautiful brown eyes is breaking my heart.
The advice sub, and teenagers was supportive and offered lots of opinions and advice, most of which I was already doing unfortunately.
Im really needing advice on “real clothes” that would be “cool” and figure flattering. I’ve tried googling some men’s fashion with him and we aren’t getting anywhere.
Hopefully you guys could help! I’m looking for flattering cuts of pants, outfit suggestions, shoe styles and the like.
I want him to feel the confidence i always did when i found flattering clothing at his age. I’m sure you will agree when you wear clothes that make you feel attractive, it tends to put pep in your step and inadvertently make you walk with your head held high.
Any suggestions that are cost efficient would be greatly appreciated. Times are tight financially. And with both my boys having to be homeschooled (eldest 13/m) and virtual school for the youngest has proven to have different downsides. I’ve been disabled since a near fatal MVA in 2016, but have gained more mobility this past year than ever and was Actively looking for work when COVID hit. The perfect storm of a pandemic, the kids being home for school, and not being approved for SS/Disability yet has added another thin layer of issues to overcome.
I’m doing what I can, and was blessed to have a little extra money to take him to try to shop Sunday. He found 2 pair of pants he liked, but I will be altering them to make them fit a bit better. We love consignment shops and the like. You guys have any suggestions for places to check out??
More than anything, I’d love to have some suggestions for flattering cuts and styles for his body type. I believe I have included most important features to his physique but would be extremely thankful for you guys’ opinions and suggestions!
Hope this is formatted within the sub rules. Sorry for the long and pathetic spiel. Im truly desperate to help my son, and unfortunately support and encouragement alone isn’t enough.
So fashionable men of Reddit, can you help!? Please Share your “GQ” wisdom with this struggling mom.
Edit: Wow! So many comments to read through! I will lol through as much as I can as soon as possible and try to reply to all! Keep the advice coming. I’ll try to answer all questions and elaborate on what I need to as soon as I can!
Mornings are somewhat hectic with 2 kids homeschooling and needing hands-on attention. Thanks so much and I promise I’ll get back with you guys soon!
As far as advice about diet and nutrition as well as physical activity, I’m open for suggestions and assure you these are not overlooked nor do I shame him. I have a medical background and am an avid home cook. Most meals are nutritious, non processed snacks as well, and he’s maxing out around 1500 kcal ADA diet currently. Again, thank you and I’ll get on these comments ASAP!
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2020.09.15 03:44 mguzman811 Looking to collaborate with producers/beatmakers/songwriters/other vocalists !!

Hey everyone, I’m Manu Guzman, a singesongwriter and aspiring producer who is looking for producers/beatmakers/songwriters/other vocalists who would be down to collaborate on some future projects. My voice/style falls into the more RNB/Pop/Soul area and I'm down to explore genres like funk/neosoul/etc. Here are links to two of the songs I have put out this year:
Apple Music
Hard 2 Luv
Apple Music
Please feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested in working together. Also let me know what you think about my music! I have a lot to learn in terms of being an artist so I'm really looking forward to learning more by getting the chance to work with you!!
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2020.09.15 00:34 _CallMeTaco_ [FS][USA][FL] Size 10 heat TS 1's / OW Unc's / Sean Wotherspoon 1/97's / OW Blazer OG

Paypal invoice only.
Shipping is included with the price (If you are west coast add $6)
Shoes will be shipped within 2 days of the purchase (I contact you immediately after the shoes are shipped)
If you want to bundle the shoes we can work out something aswell!
edit: Also want to give a heads up I am a size 10 tts in pretty much everyshoe. The size 9.5s of these shoes fit me but you can always ask for a measurement of the insole incase you are unsure!
OW Jordan 1's UNC's (Tonys batch) Size 10
$105 SOLD to u/lil_benzie

Travis Scott Jordan 1's (GQ? Get? GT? batch) Size 9.5
$90 SOLD to u/wintertimw

OW Blazers OG (OWF batch) Size 9.5
$105 SOLD to u/Pats_fan456

Sean Wotherspoon AM 1/97's (Coco's 3.0 batch) Size 10
$125 SOLD Sold to u/cautiouscranberries
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2020.09.14 02:35 d49k Ghosts (Movie) MEGAPOST. Music, Videos, Links & Reviews. 1993 Is It Scary origins, Addams Family Values, false allegations, The Orchestral Score, 2 Bad, Is It Scary, Ghosts (Song), Morphine information, Commercial Release (Ad & Unboxing), 30 Remixes. Behind the scenes & concept art.

A couple of weeks ago, I read ‘Did I Scare You? How MJ altered the sensations of racism’. It’s a retrospective review of "GHOSTS" in which Michael's response to his critics is analysed. It’s a great read and very well informed, though I some of the comments it made I wasn’t so sure of. The review focused on Michael’s changing face, how he used it for art and it’s connections between Michael and racism. I don’t disagree with the article but I wanted to articulate for myself what I feel about the movie and put it out there.
GHOSTS is my favourite short film. Combined with HIStory: Past, Present & Future Book I, they are a set of artistic works which has been the most autobiographical of Michael's work. I wanted to share everything I know about it with links to behind the scenes, articles, music and information in one place. I wrote this to post on MichaelJackson, I’m not a professional writer or music critic, I’m just a fan so forgive me if my style is a bit messy. To my knowledge, Ghosts isn’t available on any streaming network and there’s no high-quality versions of Ghosts available online but this is the best I can find on YouTube, The sound is off and the picture is stretched from 4:3 to 16:9. Halloween is coming up soon and naturally we think about Thriller, Ghosts and few other tracks at this time of year. I can only hope the estate will at some point scan it to 4K and release it properly.
I can’t just write about Ghosts, “Is It Scary” and “2 Bad” are part of its DNA. Hell, the whole HIStory album should be included given what “Ghosts” is about, even “Morphine” could be included but this post is a biggie, so I won’t. The story of the feature film: “Michael Jackson’s Ghosts” is a far cry from the title of the movie and the track it lends its name from.
Is It Scary origins / Addams Family Values
In 1992 Paramount Pictures asked Michael to participate in the movie “Addams Family Values” they (and he) wanted a short film in the style of “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal” as an insert (or independent short film) to help promote the Addams Family Values.
In 1992, Michael asked horror writer Stephen King to collaborate with him and Mick Garris (then director) to write a screenplay for the short film (with no title at this stage). The two wrote an outline of what eventually became GHOSTS and set on a title of “Is It Scary”. This was to indirectly match the Addams Family Values movie plot while also being autobiographical of Michael’s life. This is around the middle of the Dangerous tour between Tokyo in late 1992 and Bangkok in August 1993. The film was to depict local villagers attempting to exorcise a perceived villain or threat to the community, a theme which loosely runs through the Addams Family Values and prophesied what was to come in Michael’s personal life, after initial shooting began. More Info from AFI Catalog.
There’s a scene in Addams Family Values where Joel screams at a poster of Michael on the wall, another example of Michael being the punchline in jokes across the film industry and it’s a shame because they were using him originally to help promote the movie. More Info.
Filming for “Is It Scary” began in the first half of 1993 at the CBS/MTV studios in LA, the music scenes had not yet been filmed (The song, “Is It Scary” hadn’t been written yet) and Michael had to resume the Dangerous Tour. There are conflicting reports as to whether Michael was falsely accused during the shoot for “Is It Scary” or shortly afterwards when hr resumed the Dangerous tour, which he eventually cancelled.
The most obvious change between the versions are the Mayor. Ken Jenkins (Dr Bob Kelso from Scrubs).
Michael Jackson Is It Scary 1993 Unreleased Short Film (Ghosts Early Concept)
Michael Jackson "Ghosts" documentary with Shana Mangatal
This video features clips from both “Is It Scary” and “Ghosts”. There’s more behind the scenes exclusive to “Ghosts” later in this thread.
Michael Jackson VERY RARE Angry from Behind the scenes of Ghosts. (Actually, from “Is It Scary”).
Life Imitates Art
In response to tabloid and press speculation about Michael’s absence from the media and America, Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Bertram Fields released a statement included in this New York Times article in November 1993 stating that Michael was under treatment for addiction to painkillers and "was barely able to function adequately on an intellectual level" but added that this was just temporary.
Mr. Fields laid the blame for Michael’s addiction, in part, to "the rage, humiliation and embarrassment" over [the Jordy Chandler case]. He said it would be foolish to bring Mr. Jackson back to the United States now to help prepare a defines against the civil suit, or to be questioned by the child's lawyer, given Mr. Jackson's condition. This reddit thread from 8 months ago together with the Michael Jackson Allegations website and the Leaving Neverland Q&A episode of the MJCast go into the detail of the allegations.
Clearly, we can see that Michael has been hit hard. Midway through filming “Is It Scary” and performing the Dangerous concerts he is vilified by people who already have bias against him in a bizarre “life Imitates art” freak coincidence. It was during this time that the contract between Paramount and Michael was cancelled. Michael also cancelled the remaining dates of his Dangerous tour. News reports at the time were focused on his presumed guilt, the failure to his fans and the money he lost. I have only ever seen one article written at the time in support of Michael, written for GQ magazine in October 1994 8 months before HIStory was released. A copy is available here. Michael was understandably at an all-time low, I’ve never read anywhere that he got depressed but alas, he medicated himself using painkillers. I don’t blame him, do you?
A Quick note about “Morphine”: It was written and produced exclusively by MJ. Michael was more hands on for this track and played percussion, drums and guitar along with all lead and backing vocals. This is Michael Jackson without other producers or arrangers influencing the track. “Morphine” was going to be the lead single from Blood on The Dance Floor but Sony decided on the title track from the album instead. (Later for Invincible, Sony disallowed Michael’s choice of lead single favouring You Rock My World instead of Unbreakable). It’s tragic that a lot of people have not even heard of “Morphine”, not only is it another great MJ Vs Slash rock track, it’s Michael at his most vulnerable, “Morphine” is a cry for help which ultimately went unnoticed and unanswered.
Repurposing “Is It Scary” for Ghosts
With the project for “Is It Scary” now scrapped; Michael was free to continue his work. Deciding to rework a cancelled compilation entitled Decade 1980-1990 (it was scrapped in favour of Dangerous) and incorporating new songs, the resulting album became HIStory: Past, Present & Future Book I. (I could write pages about the HIStory album, it’s one of the most iconic concept albums ever created, a musical autobiography and a work of genius by a genius)!
To focus again on “Ghosts”, we need to skip forward to late 1995 after the HIStory album was recorded was released. Michael took control over the “Is It Scary” project and decided to use “2 Bad” since the lyrics are coherent with the movies theme. It’s conceivable that Michael had this video in mind when he was writing “2 Bad” in 1994. Michael was producing this short film to promote the HIStory album, before embarking on the HIStory world tour.
It’s possible the movie may have been temporarily renamed to “2 Bad” given that’s the core song of the production and the ID tags for the cast and clapper boards during production feature “2 Bad” instead of “Is It Scary” or “Ghosts”. Sony asked Michael during the production of Ghosts (Movie) for a new album. That ultimately became Blood On The Dance Floor, the best selling remix album of all time.
Working with Stan Winston in early 1996, the original script changed, and Michael would play several incarnations of himself ‘demonised’, (Hello Thriller 1996)! as well as the antagonist, who happens to be the modelled on the same demographic as Tom Sneddon. This is just as coincidental as the name “Dom Stanton” is to Tom Sneddon ;)
Ghosts Orchestral Score
The dance routines were choreographed by Michael and LaVelle Smith and Timothy Earl Soloman to the original score of Ghosts by Nicolas Pike mixed with “2 Bad”. (Nicholas Pike at Discogs).
MJVibe Interviewed Nicolas Pike in 1995 about the orchestra for Ghosts in 2015. Available here.
2 Bad
The version of “2 Bad” which features on GHOSTS is reworked, funkier, groovier and it’s a hard hitting, aggressive, ‘fluff the dust off your shoulder’ dance routine is just as livid as it’s angry lyrics.
“2 Bad’s” lyrics deal with themes of alienation and judgement. the song confronts his accusers, his gritty voice raises its volume and declares “You’re disgustin’ me” This is in direct response to people who have harmed him, people who have extorted money from him. Michael is angry, probably more angry than he was in “Scream” but that anger beautifully expresses confidence in his ability to recover from people who have conspired against him in the past.
A few days ago, u/Starfire asked “What aspect of MJ's life are you abnormally obsessed with?” and I’d have to say how autobiographical he is in his music and his attitude, full of self-confidence with it, “2 Bad” for instance proclaims “too bad, you tried I won’t back down”.
The Run-DMC sample at the beginning is interesting and extremely important. Between the Bad and Dangerous albums, Michael invited Run-DMC to collaborate with him for a track called “Crack Kills”, they rudely declined. They even use semiotics in their music video for King of Rock to denounce Michael, symbolically stamping on Michael’s sequined glove from Billie Jean. They didn’t create this anti-Michael movement but they were following what was unfortunately becoming the mainstream opinion about Michael at the time, criticizing him for his looks and eccentricities instead of enjoying the work he did. It was the end of making fun out of Michael but it was the start of him becoming demonised by the press and ridiculed by the the public. Something which didn’t end until he announced his final curtain call, “This Is It”. (Run-DMC later regret never working with him).
So what did Michael do? Use the first lines of lyrics from King of Rock as the first lines in “2 Bad” an awesome ‘Fuck You song’ in its own right but in Ghosts, Michael plays himself and parodies of these demons he is falsely accused of.
Of all the lyrics within “2 Bad”, of all the lyrics in the HIStory album, of all the lyrics he has ever performed...
“I’m Standing Though You’re Kicking Me” one of the most profoundly autobiographical, ironic and iconic statements across his music.
“2 Bad” was written by Michael, Dallas Austin, Bruce Swedien, René Moore, and Shaquille O’Neal (he wrote the Rap, Michael and Shaq knew each other casually). It was produced by Michael, Bruce Swedien, René Moore, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at The Hit Factory in New York 1994. It was the third time Michael has collaborated with basketball stars (Michael Jordan on Jam and Magic Johnson on Remember The Time) proving once again that “♫ It Ain’t Too Ah-Much For Me To Jam!”.
After a gruelling dance routine, set to music which was modified on set so Michael could ‘feel it’ the song gives way to “Is It Scary”. (Similar music for this dance break is linked below).
Is It Scary
“Is It Scary” was written and recorded by Michael, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis between 1993/4 and recorded at Flyte Tyme Studios, Minnesota and Larrabee Studios, LA. Notably after the story for what became the Ghosts film. The lyrics for “Is It Scary” are based in part on the screenplay for Ghosts, Michael’s autobiographical story, an unwelcome eccentric man. The movie and song are symbiotic, considering the movie was conceptualised before the false allegations emerged and the song was finished afterwards, Michael sings “I'm gonna be exactly what you want to see, It's you who's haunting me” and “And if you want to see eccentricities, I'll be grotesque before your eyes. Let them all materialize! Is that scary for you”?
Michael is referencing himself as the victim, he is essentially saying “you will see what you want to see, you’ve already made up your mind”. It’s not the first time Michael has sung about himself as the victim. “They Don’t Care About Us” features the lines “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me. Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me”
On June 15, 1995, a day before the release of HIStory, The New York Times reported that "They Don't Care About Us" contained racist and anti-Semitic content. Michael responded directly stating:
"The idea that these lyrics could be deemed objectionable is extremely hurtful to me, and misleading. The song in fact is about the pain of prejudice and hate and is a way to draw attention to social and political problems. I am the voice of the accused and the attacked. I am the voice of everyone. I am the skinhead, I am the Jew, I am the black man, I am the white man. I am not the one who was attacking. It is about the injustices to young people and how the system can wrongfully accuse them. I am angry and outraged that I could be so misinterpreted."
— Michael Jackson 1995.
Michael has sung about his oppressors and the press before, “Leave Me Alone” is cry for privacy, “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” questions why him and not society, “Scream” is about… (read this instead) and “Tabloid Junkie” (well, that one condemns us all doesn’t it)? “Is It Scary” turns the tables, an anthem just as powerful as Earth Song or Man In The Mirror. Michael Jackson, the philanthropist and humanitarian the boy who the world watch grow up and young fans are STILL finding excellence in his work two decades after his final album. A man who has given up time and money to help children all over the world, a man now signing for his own justice, a man literally screaming at the top of his voice “I'm tired of being abused, you know you're scaring me too, I see the evil is you!”
And what is there to fear? Absolutely nothing. In the movie, after this track we’re treated to some funky instrumentals, taken from “2 Bad” that would make even Prince gasp and yet another dance breakdown. Michael isn’t present during this one but he doesn’t need to be. It is SIGNATURE Michael Jackson.
At the end of this scene, Michael as the ghoul, inhabits the body of the Mayor and uses him, his image and humiliates him In front of the towns people which is exactly what has happened to Michael. The entire theme of this movie is about Michael being persecuted, not only by Tom Sneddon but the wider public at large. The most humiliating point for Michael by this time was the strip search by LAPD two years earlier in December 1993. Michael released a public statement two days after stating that “it was the most humiliating ordeal of my life”. Michael, as an extremely artistic but also playful in nature, teases his accuser by trolling him in a dance short, then shining a mirror right back at him asking “Who’s the freak now”?
Michael Jackson, a KING, takes a bow.
In the last few minutes of the movie, Michael asks the crowd if he should he stay or not? He’s won them over already, they can see his point, but the mayor is insistent, the freak doesn’t belong here. Michael gives him what he wants, a self-destructive blow to the floor, turning to dust. There’s a look of shock and horror on the town’s folk, maybe even regret that they misjudged him. Guilt perhaps that they were the ones to instigate what appears to be a suicide right in front of them.
In the original version from 1993, this scene has the kids attempt to put him back together again, in Ghosts, his (ashes?) are blown away. Saddened, the crowd start to leave, and the movie takes a quick twist from sadness to humour. Michael is well documented to be a practical joker and he instilled his personality yet again as Michael appears larger than life in the doorway of the exit. The mayor scared out of his wits runs for the window and jumps out, the music and shape of the break in the glass has a humorous theme. Michael asked at the start this confrontation, whoever gets scared first, must leave. Well my friends, Michael had the last laugh.
As the credits roll, we’re treated to around 5 minutes of behind the scenes footage featuring the makeup changes and CGI featured in the film. The title track begins and it’s a slightly different version from the remastered version for Blood on The Dance Floor.
Ghosts (song)
Michael and Teddy Riley wrote “Family Thing” together in 1993 for the Addams Family / Is It Scary movies but they stopped production when the “Is It Scary” movie was shelved. No longer tied to the movie, a new song was created.
“Ghosts” was written by Michael and Teddy at the Hit Factory, NY & Record Plant Studios and Ocean Way Recording between 1994-1997, it was also intended for inclusion on the HIStory album (It was replaced with “2 Bad” instead). There’s a 1996 version of Ghosts with constant bass running through the track while a remaster doesn’t include the extra bassline. (Links below). Some of the information I’ve read about Ghosts suggests that the chorus is a logical continuation to “Who Is It” but I can’t see that myself, can you?
Ghosts (Production Including Making Of)
Stan Winson (director) was recommended to Michael by Mick Garris, (the original director). Michael called Stan personally to ask if he might consider directing the film and Stan agreed with only one condition: that Michael would play all the lead roles.
“I wanted Michael to play the haunted house guy," said Winston, "but also the mayor of the town, and an evil demon who comes in at one point. Michael wanted badly to be accepted as an actor, as something more than the King of Pop. But it was so difficult for people to get past Michael’s persona, I thought that the only way he would be accepted as a real actor was if he played all these parts, disguised in makeup, so that no one would know it was him until the end. And he was very agreeable to that idea.” GHOSTS Behind The Scenes at Stan Winston School.
Artist Paul Mejias was the sculptor for the model work on Michael’s various costumes.
Concept Art for Michael pulling ‘his’ skin and smashing ‘his’ skull. From makeup artist Miles Tevas. (Apart from Michael’s music and dancing, the scenes where he’s disfiguring himself in Ghosts have got to be the best across this short film catalogue).
VH1 released a 20-minute documentary The Making of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts right before Halloween in October 2002. It features the making of, with behind the scenes material and the detail of some of the cinematic illusions behind the production as well as interviews with the cast and crew including Michael.
The next link contains rolling camera outtakes with audio from the final cut placed over the top to add context. It’s another peek inside the production of the movie.
In the next video, the motion capture for the ‘Skeleton Dance’ is documented.
Ghosts held the Guinness world record for the longest music video. (Pharrell Williams holds that now with his 24-hour music video “Happy”. (How did Jon Beattie shoot Pharrell’s “24 Hours of Happy”?)
Ghosts was premiered for the first time at the 50th Cannes Film festival on 8th May, 1997. Here’s footage of Michael arriving for the premier.
In December 1997, at the end of promoting Blood on the Dance Floor, a Deluxe Collector Box Set of Ghosts was released. It featured a VHS of Ghosts, Blood on the Dance Floor album and “On The Line” Limited Edition Minimax CD. I bought the Deluxe Box Set myself on the day it came out from a Virgin Records Store. Sadly, I don’t it any more but it was awesome to hold a massive programme with great glossy photos. Here’s an Unboxing of the Deluxe Collector Set.
And the TV advert. Michael Jackson - Ghosts Box Set French TV Commercial HD
Music & Remixes
2 Bad
Is It Scary
And of course my very own: Ghosts (Durrson's Restless Soul Remix) which I’m rather fond of :)
Thanks for reading if you’ve got this far. Please post any information you have on Ghosts which isn’t included here and if anything seems to be wrong, let me know so I can correct it.
submitted by d49k to MichaelJackson [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 17:36 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th

Weekly Round-Up: September 7th - September 13th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: August 31st - September 6th
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200908 BTS's "Dynamite" is officially No. 1 on this week's #Hot100 chart for a second consecutive week
200909 Prudential Center: Got a question for @bts_bighit? Now's your chance to ask! In the coming days, we will be filming an episode of Mini Masterclass with #BTS.
200910 Weverse now allows users to customize profiles and choose profile pictures as well as follow other users
200910 ARMY Bomb Ver.3 and 'Map of the Soul Special Edition' can now connect to "Chicken Noodle Soup" music video on Weverse
200910 USA Today: Grammy Museum launching online streaming service with exclusive Billie Eilish, BTS interviews
200911 BTS will reportedly guest on MBC FM4U's "Bae Cheolsoo's Music Camp", to air on September 14
200912 BTS to guest alongside TXT on I-LAND on the 18th of September at 8PM
200911 BTS to appear as special guests at the Korean American Community Foundation Gala on September 23

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200907 BTS has won Best Music Video at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200907 BTS has won Best Fan Army for the 3rd consecutive year at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards
200909 BTS have taken their 7th win for "Dynamite" on today's Show Champion
200910 BTS have won the Artist Award for the third consecutive year at the Korean Broadcasting Awards
200911 BTS have taken their 8th win for "Dynamite" on today's KBS Music Bank
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200913 BTS 10th win for "Dynamite" on today's Inkigayo, 100th win overall!

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Charts/Sales 200907 "Dynamite" remains at #1 on the Digital Song Sales chart. (182K sold)
Charts/Sales 200907 Chart Data: BTS’ "Dynamite" is now the #1 best selling download released in 2020 in the US.
Charts/Sales 200909 Dynamite has now achieved 222 PAKs, the most for any idol group song
Charts/Sales 200909 BTS Becomes The First Idol Group In History To Surpass 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAKs) Overall On Korean Digital Charts
Charts/Sales 200912 Dynamite becomes the first and only song by an idol group (and second song overall) in Korean chart history to achieve 300 Perfect All-Kills (PAK)
Likes 200908 "DNA" by @BTS_twt Official MV has now hit over 16M likes on YouTube, their 3rd MV to do so after Boy With Luv & Dynamite!
Streams 200908 BTS Has Reached 25+ MILLION (+471k) of Monthly Listeners on Spotify with 25+ MILLION (This is the highest peak for a Korean Act)
Streams 200909 BTS Spotify account has now gained more streams in 2020 (252 days) than they did in 2019. The 2019 total was 3.64 B.
Streams 200913 "Dynamite" by BTS becomes the 1st song by a foreign act to surpass 200k streams in a day on Spotify Jpn, a new highest daily peak since its release!
Streams 200913 BTS's "Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey~" Album has Surpassed 200 MILLION Streams on Spotify (2nd Japanese Language Album to achieve this)
Views 200909 BTS has surpassed 4 Billion YouTube views across official videos in 2020 remaining the most viewed act this year on this platform

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200910 #BT21_UNIVERSE #DOLL_SERIES Limited sale starts NOW!


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200908 Namjoon's Birthday Flash Fundraiser!
200909 I made a tutorial for how to play Dynamite on piano! Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll.
200911 [Throwback] Seven years ago today, BTS released "O!RUL8,2?" and music video for title track "N.O"
200911 "Break the silence: the movie" spoiler thread


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Submitter Thread
teteotolis I've painted V 😅 (I think I'll paint RM soon xD ! )
Dizzyxxoo Jungkook Fanart [OC]
AUOGil82 This year’s birthday drawing for Namjoon~! (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
libellendrache I started pyrography recently and branded the LY logo
Dizzyxxoo JK Fanart [OC]
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2020.09.13 05:10 captainjjb84 The Strangest, Yet Most Common Criticism of the ST

So that Recent Daisy Ridley interview made me want to dust off an old thesis statement of sorts I’ve been saying since The Last Jedi was released. Not so much what she was saying but the reaction to it.
I was going to include this in my post about why I wondered #ReleasetheEdwardsCut was never a thing but it didn’t seem right at the time.
So Here Goes Nothing:
This is an observation I began to notice about March 2018 or so, when the “””backlash””” for TLJ really began to take form and start getting ugly. A lot of signs went in different directions so it was hard to point to one exact thing.
Then, just after Solo’s release Jeremy Jahns uploads that video, the really dumb one where he says TLJ promotes too much Social Justice or some crap like that and tried to justify everything by saying “I like the movie mother!” (because nothing says good movie like a painfully obvious allegory my neighbours ten year old could figure out in addition to watching Jennifer Lawrence have the shit beaten out of her. Also a Baby gets eaten, yeah.) and something he said in to really stuck with me.
First he Says Star Wars is a cinematic universe (it isn’t) then says “Did anyone know what RJ was doing!?”
And that was it right there, he managed to summarize what I've been observing these last few months but couldn't put into proper words.
Star Wars Fans are mad that the ST is too Directo Artistic Driven then Franchise/ Design by Committee/ Business driven.
It’s as if Jeremy was saying that he wants more studio control on these things and that directors should just follow orders and shut up. Now obviously he didn’t say those exact words I just typed but he sure as hell seemed to imply it.
Now that seems like an oddly specific thing to say people are criticizing them for and I seriously doubt you will hear that exact phrase mentioned anywhere.
But Think About it For a Moment....
How many times have you seen variations of these comments: “Rian Johnson should be on a tighter leash” “They should have had a stric plan for the ST from the start” “One person should have written/ directed the whole thing” “They should only do what the fans want” "Take a page from Marvel."
Or some comment that eludes to the notion that Disney/ Lucasfilm should have stepped in more and not let the directors do as they were hired to do.
What's funny to me is how "They should have had a plan" always translates to "I fucking hated The Last Jedi!!!!"
Now that might seem like an odd way to look at it all but this isn't the first time Star Wars has been "criticized" like this. Look at the PT for example.
In just about every review I’ve seen, both in print and YouTube, there’s always a moment where the reviewer says something along the lines of “Did no one tell George this was a bad idea?” or “Did no one challenge George on this?” This is RLM’s most common talking point.
Or those claiming Lucas surrounded himself with yes-men who would do everything he wanted and that was it. Lucas did pay for the entire PT out of his own pocket mind you. He had an entire VFX company at his disposable to make any crazy thing he imagined. Who’s to tell him what he can and can’t do? Rick McCallum sure as hell wasn't going to.
There is a certain "tragedy" for lack of a better word, when comparing Lucas in the 70s/80s to what he became in the 90s/00s. He ultimately became the very thing he rebelled against, the film producing machine where he could call the shots, order people to do as he wanted and no one could tell him otherwise. This is the entire thesis of The People Vs. George Lucas documentary.
Very few directors working today occupy the same zeitgeist that Lucas once did. Abrams certainly doesn’t and neither does Johnson or Edwards or even Howard for that matter. How many can say they changed the medium of film with just one movie?
I’d imagine anyone who wanted to seriously challenge Lucas would probably be fired on the spot for it. It would be like trying to challenge James Cameron or Steven Spielberg or David Fincher. You’d get about one inch before being kicked out of the door or in Cameron’s case, yelled out till your ears bled while your phone was nail gunned to a wall. You just couldn't do it.
The situation the new films have found themselves in pretty much sets up that criticism though.
George Lucas is gone, never coming back. He was THE BOSS and nothing was going to change that. Disney now owns Star Wars and will continue to own it until Kingdom Come. It has now crossed the rift from Filmmaker’s creative vision to Valuable franchise used for profit. Another IP to add to Disney's ever growing roster.
So now with every new director they have to answer to Lucasfilm, to Disney, to the Mouse but they aren’t treated as servants but as guests. They aren’t ordered around, they aren’t told what they can and can’t do and they have all the resources imaginable at their disposal.
A blank canvas and a $200 Million dollar cheque.
For better TFA is very much JJ Abrams from start to finish. He loves his mystery boxes and stories about young women trying to find their place in the world and male supporting characters with father issues while ultimately being a pastiche of what he loves . If you seriously think TFA was made to be a remake of ANH (It really isn't) because Disney wanted it that way for a quick buck, welcome to your first JJ Abrams film.
For worse, TROS is very JJ Abrams in the most frustrating way possible… but still very much a film made by him. Every decision made in TROS, good or bad(mainly bad), is something that has appeared in all his movies/ tv shows. You see the gear turning in his head with some of the more... questionable choices.
Even behind the scenes, when things seem iffy is never feels like “The hand of the Mouse is stepping in.” It always feels like Abrams listening to feedback from his colleagues like Spielberg and DuVernay. Or in TROS's case, bad impulses....
TLJ is pure Rian Johnson from frame one up until the credits roll. TLJ is eerily similar to the Breaking Bad episode The Fly, the first episode he directed. An entirely character focused story that examines who the characters are and what they ultimately want and their greatest fears. And just like TLJ it is still talked about to this day. Frigg, TLJ and Knives Out both have the same ending twist…
The Last Jedi’s production however is where things get interesting. TLJ might just have the smoothest and cleanest production of any Star Wars film probably ever.
The Story was set and locked before TFA was in theatres. No massive reshoots, no extreme rewrites, no behind the scenes meddling, no studio oversight, no on set drama, no crazy editing changes and finished under budget with months to spare. That doesn’t happen for like 99% of movies made today, blockbuster or not.
The PT on the other hand, oh boy.... TPM got off reasonably well. Some bad weather that destroyed sets didn't send them back too much. Some like to point to everyones reaction to the Rough Cut being the ultimate sign that everyone working on TPM knew it was going to be awful. That's the thing though, it's a rough cut, that's the whole point. It doesn't matter how good or bad any movie is at the end of the day, rough cut screenings are brutal....
ATOC and ROTS on the other hand didn't even have a finished script until about a month into shooting. And most importantly Anakin's entire motivation to turn to the dark side was added after the fact during reshoots. Which were done in late 2004 mind you. No Comment.
It was funny for a while when I’d glance at STC throughout 2018 to see where the narrative was going and the most common one for a good month was always some variation of “Did Disney mess with TLJ!?” Trying to prove that something must have gone horribly wrong during the making of the movie... except there wasn't.
And I’ve seen this play out in real time with in-person conversations, but after realizing that not only is that not the case but they can’t point to any other of the “usual suspects” to say “this is why thing bad” their only option is to say “RJ Shouldn’t have been allowed to do that!!”
If anyone is wondering why RJ is getting his own trilogy this is the reason. The dude gets shit done with no issue. Even the death of Carrie Fisher didn’t put a damper on anything(the amount of comments I’ve seen that said “why didn’t they kill of Leia” got comical).
It’s what makes watching The Director and the Jedi such a fascinating experience because everyone is looking at everything going “Is this gonna work or no?” With Emphasis on Hamill the most.
TFA’s production was kinda messy but manageable. News about TROS's production has been revealed throughout the year and most of it points to it being messy and chaotic. The making of Docs try to hide this by showing us happy faces, people passionate about what they are doing and saying “hey this is awesome!”
Then there’s the horrible realization that we live in this shitty era of movies dictated by film franchises that we watch out of obligation and internet culture creating a massive hyperbolic bubble around everything.
I remember a time whenever information about any film was released (franchise or not) and if it was revealed that there was some form of behind the scenes drama between director and studio or changes made that the director wasn't part of people got mad.
But now whenever we hear that the response is almost always “Hey they probably saved the movie from being a disaster.”
A Real Paradigm Shift.
It’s just accepted that Franchise Films are the result of produce studio oversight and that’s ultimately a good thing(that’s not to say there aren’t examples where this hasn’t been the case but that’s a discussion for another day).
Which Leads Us To...
Marvel immediately comes to mind with regards to this. After 23 movies the MCU has gone through 15 directors. Those who left after one or two movies don’t have nice things to say about it and it’s easy to see why.
It’s funny seeing some put the MCU on some pedestal for “How Franchises should be,” which I find head-scratching. The MCU might just be the most micro-managed film franchise of all time. The amount of times I’ve read some behind the scenes piece about how scenes were shot literally weeks before release or were in six months plus of reshoots after the fact is staggering or how directors get screwed over and told to take a knee. And that’s not even getting into the nitty gritty of it all like how they don’t allow directors to shoot their own action or characters being shifted roles because it would affect toy sales.
They also sure as hell don’t plan everything out.
The amount of times the MCU has retconned entire films out of existence or just pretended certain developments didn’t happen could be its own drinking game. Character development in thrown out the window for the sake of appearance. The writers of Endgame can’t seem to keep their answer straight as to where and when Captain America ended up when he wanted to spend his life with Peggy. If anything Marvel is really good at giving the impression that everything is a well maintained car while running on fumes.
Compare the Avenger’s Home Base between movies and then tell me with a straight face “Marvel Pays attention to continuity.”
As an aside, what exactly do Marvel and Star Wars have in common? Aside from being owned by Disney what do they have in common?
The approach, risks taken, sense of awe, the types of stories of told. It's like comparing a nice tasty burger from that one restaurant in town to an all you can eat Buffet. Sure it's all food at the end day but theres a difference.
There’s also the matter of the type of directors that Marvel has picked. They largely go for Indie or TV directors with very little experience making films this scale. They also don’t have a huge amount of clout to their name so they can’t make huge demands for what they want. Sure some have more of a style and clout to them but those are the exceptions that proves the rule. For every Ryan Coogler or James Gunn there's The Russo Brothers or Jon Watts.
Star Wars on the other hand has actively sought out directors with experience in films this size and those who have their own style that is reflected in the ones they make. To summarize JJ Abrams is Diet-Spielberg while Rian Johnson is Quirky American Auteur. Gareth Edwards could be the next “mostly” poignant blockbuster director while Ron Howard is a seasoned Veteran.
Star Wars could have easily have grabbed any number of pencil pusher directors and gave them ultra strict guidelines to follow and nothing else. Have them make movies that are nothing more than giant fan service reels aimed at getting all the fan dollars in the world. And I think that's what so many kind of expected we were getting from the get go and are confused and out right mad that isn't the case.
To Quote u/friedAmobo
"Disney and Lucasfilm, regardless of what some people may think, are not stupid - they know the best way to make money is to do what the fans want. That would mean Luke being the main character in TFA, the main trio reuniting, and other fan service moments that would make Rogue One blush. The fact that TFA\ ***isn’t*** *about any of that is telling. It means they had an idea for something different, and they made it."*
"TLJ is even more condemning for the cash grab argument. Rian Johnson was the sole writer and director of the movie, and as we all know, the movie was very divisive. But how was that a cash grab, then? If Lucasfilm wanted to make tons of money, they could have a powerful Luke train Rey, and then have him beat the First Order on Crait with super Force powers. It’d have made an easy couple hundred million dollars more. The fact that they didn’t do that, but ended up going with a story that had the potential to be divisive is, again, telling."
But…. then you have the complete 180 with the anthology films. Rogue One and Solo and reading into their production is mind boggling. For as much as TROS’s production seemed like a nightmare, the production of these two seemed like fighting Nightmare from Metroid: Fusion.
No one wants to come clean with what the hell happened with Rogue One. What movie completely reshoots it’s final act with a little over 6 months before release(not saying it doesn’t happen just bare with me here)? Gareth Edwards is probably never going to talk about how he was basically fired from it and replaced with Tony Gilroy. You think it’s anyway surprising that he has nothing to do with this Cassian Disney+ series?
Solo had its directors fired midway through production then reshot the entire movie with someone else. That Doesn't Happen…… I remember hearing that during the summer of 2017 and my coworkers and I just laughed our heads off at it. The notion of a Han Solo movie (without Harrison Ford) was such a ridiculous idea at the time and then this happened on top of it.
There’s also the uncomfortable truth that no one wants to admit about the Anthology Films.
They Aren’t About Anything.
Not that they aren’t about “anything” in the literal sense, but more so in the “these films exist to shove Star Wars nostalgia in your face and nothing else.” They are set during the OT era for frigg sake and throw LORE and CANON junk at you to make up for their complete lack of emotional/ dramatic meaning(I say this as someone who enjoys Solo greatly).
Because they are side stories you the viewer don’t have to worry about anything of major consequence happening in them that would affect the main narrative (Skywalker Saga in this case). They can do whatever they want and basically a safe bet for an audience. You don't have to worry abut your favourite characters being killed or doing things you don't agree with. It’s like a video game side quest where all you get is a shiny new item by the end of it that’s good for a while until you get something better an hour later.
This might not seem like much but I think fans seriously underestimate the power that comes with these being a side story. The Mandalorian fits into this category as well and something that Hello Greedo has praised the show excessively for.
Add on the fact that Disney/ Lucasfilm is going to keep making Star Wars content in the form of movies/ Live Action series/ animation until the ice caps melt and we all die. It's not out of the realm of possibility that something you've always "wanted" might one day happen.
To quote my very good friend u/SorryNotSpartacus:
“They also, very simply, are not the main saga, and I think people underestimate how much of a difference that makes to the fan audience that by and large seems to respond more positively to the anthology films. Most fans are used to reading or watching EU material.”
I recall seeing multiple comments early 2018 “RJ should have been given an Anthology film(s) instead.” As if to say “That way he can do what he wants and I don’t have to worry about it,” or something to that affect.
But there’s also the sad fact at the end of day that’s all Star Wars fans “Want.” They don’t want a story or anything meaningful but a shrine to their nostalgia, a two hour fan service reel or a big “thank you” for being fans. Fulfill their own expectations and make them feel nothing but superficial joy. Don't let them think or feel anything else in the process.
To quote Frank Oz:
“All the people who don’t like this ‘Jedi’ thing is just horse crap. It’s about expectations. The movie didn’t fill their expectations. But as Filmmakers, we’re not here to fill people’s expectations.”
He’s talking about The Last Jedi if that wasn’t clear.
You’d think this would be obvious but so many fans seem to think it’s the other way around that these things exists to validate them as fans and nothing else.
Don’t believe me? Go to any Star Wars sub reddit and search “this but un-ironcally,” or just type any number of words followed be “fans.” The results might surprise you… or won’t. Better yet just Search Rogue One and look for the most upvoted post.
It's why I take issue with that recent quote from Jon Favreau that's been floating around for the last few weeks.
“We alway knew, and this was something I learned from over at Marvel and working with Kevin Feige, is you always want to keep core fans in mind, because they have been the ones that’ve been keeping the torch lit for many, many years, but there are also stories for young people and for new audiences. These are myths, and you always want to have an outstretched hand to people who might not have that background . And so you’re really telling two stories at once. You’re telling the story for the people who are fresh eyes, and you’re telling the story for the people who’ve been there with the property and with the stories and characters for many years, and make sure you’re honouring them as well.”
Almost as if he's saying "Just shove enough fan-service onscreen, someone will recognize it and it will make up for our lack of story telling abilities." It's funny how he uses what he learned from Marvel as "collective wisdom" when he got screwed hard when trying to make Iron Man 2 a movie about Tony Stark dealing with his own death.
Stop treating these very corporately controlled entities like they are your best friend, they are not and never will be. Even if you think you have, it's not real.
You think this wouldn’t have to be said but it needs to:
You as a fan do not own Star Wars. Buying all the stickers and Funko Pops doesn’t make you an owner no matter how you stretch it. You do not have a say on how these things go, you do not get to say what can and can’t happen, you are not the writer, you are not the director, you are not the person who wipes the table off after a meeting because same jack-hole split coffee all over it. You are the person who buys a ticket then bitches online about it.
Then again there is always the obvious “fans have no fucking idea what the hell they even want anymore.” Not that I’m free from this, I sure as hell don’t know what I want. I could give some vague answer like “More Babu Frik” but even that seems too broad.
I saw a really dumb tweet around February 2018 that showed two posters, The Last Jedi and Justice League and the tweeter said "Filmmakers of these franchises should be actively aware what fans want and go out of their way to ensure that."
Naturally most of the replies were ridiculing the guy for his flawed logic. The most liked reply came from someone who said the following "This implies that Star Wars fans actually know what the hell they even want."
Also Justice League failed because it didn't do what the fans want? Oi Vey....)
None of this is to say anything you yourself have criticized any of the ST films isn’t valid to you or someone else. Unless you’re one of those people who thinks “They have a secret political agenda!” in which case please stop.
For as much as I talked about the ST being filmmake director driven they are still very much films released by Disney for the sake of profit. It’s just as much an art form as it is a business. Just as much of a product as they are a piece of fiction. For as much as RJ and his cast and crew have talked about the freedom he was given, he's not going to kill off all the characters and have Rey become a film scholar and analyze the works of Zack Snyder.
The ST films are not art house epics and never will be.
Neither is the PT or OT for that matter. Lucas is a much better businessman than director. He knew damn well the PT was his ticket to make up losing half his fortune after his messy divorce. Keep things going so he can basically retire once ROTS was done.
But that’s all I have to say on the matter. This was based entirely on observation and conversations with others.
Also there is no JJ-cut of TROS. There is no version of The Rise of Skywalker in which all the past Jedi appear as ghosts and start doing all the kick flips imaginable that was cut because CHINA.
It Doesn't Exist.
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2020.09.12 18:34 krumbledmc KrumbledMC [SMP] [PvE] [PvP] {Greylist} {Economy} {Dynmap} {1.16.2} {Mature} {Casual} {18+} {Lockette} {ChestShop} {Vanilla World} {Creative World} {SkyBlock} {OneBlock} {Mining World} {Multi-World}

Are you an adult and tired of toxic communities? So were we, and so were many of our members. We are a small community of adults from very diverse backgrounds and countries that just enjoy playing Minecraft, without all the drama and toxicity.
We have multiple worlds to match your playing style.
  • SMP - A world with plugins to make the game more fun
  • Mine World - A world to gather resources from, so you don't have to tear up your home area by mining.
  • Vanilla World - Minecraft without plugins
  • SkyBlock - The challenge of building with limited resources, in the sky! Complete with in game challenges.
  • OneBlock - Start out with a single block in the sky!
  • Central - A creative world modern City Build.
We utilize anti-griefing plugins along with a variety of other plugins to make the game fun and your builds safe.
So come by, enjoy the community, shop at the player and admin shops, complete the challenges of Skyblock, contests, community builds or just build to your hearts desire.
  • Apply for membership
To play on our server, all you have to do is sign up on our forum and put in an application for membership, by clicking HERE.
See you soon! :)
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2020.09.12 09:28 CabbageEngine I made a 200 track trip-hop influenced Youtube playlist for music released before 2006.

Here's a selection of trip-hop influenced tracks but not limited to strictly trip-hop. Added a mix of hip-hop, live music, downtempo, shoegaze, pop opera, dnb and a few other similar styles. I'll probably make some minor adjustments to this list as far as order and track selection goes. I put it together for a specific listening order if you want to listen from start to finish. Hope you guys enjoy it. If there are any incorrect links, let me know and I'll edit.
Youtube Playlist
Artist Track Artist Track
Shirley Bassey Love Story Tricky Black Steel
Gorillaz Clint Eastwood Emiliana Torrini Dead Things
Poe Angry Johnny Esthero Song for Holly
Moving Holiday Lilian Prefuse 73 Life Death
Massive Attack Angel Pati Yang All that is thirst
Cocteau Twins Carolyn's Fingers My Bloody Valentine Sometimes
Radiohead Street Spirit Kruder & Dorfmeister Useless -Depeche Mode
Massive Attack Inertia Creeps Hooverphonic Sarangi
Mono Life in Mono Mandalay Beautiful
Wise Hand Safi Quantic Time is the Enemy
Leftfield Inspection Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not be Televised
Deltron3030 Mastermind Roni Size System Check
Craig David / Artful Dodger Re-Rewind Leftfield Africa shox
Morcheeba Big Calm Bomb the Bass Bug Powder Dust - K&D
Calypso Rose Calypso Blues Sister Nancy Bam Bam
Thievery Corporation Sound the Alarm Primal Scream Loaded
Funki Porcini Dubble Aphex Twin Girl/Boy Song
Adam F Circles Lali Puna Everywhere and Allover
Air Sexy Boy Lovage Stroker Ace
Portishead Only You Serge Gainsbourg Cargo Culte
Craig Armstrong Weather Storm Tricky Christiansands
Air Playground Love Goldfrapp Human
The Cinematic Orchestra Channel 1 Suite Fila Brazillia The Sheriff
The Funky Lowlives Latazz Boozoo Bajou Night Over Manaus
Moloko Fun for Me Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground
Hooverphonic Inhaler Supreme Beings of Leisure Never the Same
Bliss Kissing Morcheeba The Sea
Propellarheads History Repeating - Shirley Bassey Rob Dougan Clubbed to Death
DJ Vadim Terrorist Portishead Machine Gun
Archive Londinium Digable Planets Rebirth of Slick
Miles Tackett Good Vibrations DJ Shadow Midnight in A Perfect World
Plaid Itsu LTJ Bukem Horizons
Tricky Evolution Love Dynomite D Basmati Beatdown
Sublime Doin' Time - Pharcyde Morcheeba Trigger Hippie
Nightmares on Wax Les Nuits Slowdive Sleep
Boards of Canada Roygbiv Zero 7 In the Waiting Line
Autour de Lucie Je Reviens Daughter Darling Broken Bridge
Cocteau Twins Amelia Sarah Brightman Deliver Me
Cibo Matto Sugar Water RJD2 1976
Dan the Automator My Guru Thievery Corporation Hong Kong Triad
Kruder & Dorfmeister Jazz Master Photek Ni ten ichi ryu
Squarepusher Coopers World Yonderboi Riders on the Storm
Smoke City Underwater Love Ella Fitzgerald Summertime
Sandro Brugnolini Roxy Little Dragon Twice
UNKLE Rabbit in Your Headlights Hooverphonic 2 Wicky
Mr Bungle Pink Cigarette Lovage Book of the Month
FC Kahuna Hayling Pale Saints Blue Flower
My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Cocteau Twins Lorelei
Thievery Corporation Satyam Shivam Sundaram Leftfield Open Up
Massive Attack Risingson Bjork Human Behaviour
Tricky Excess Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar
Balligomingo Heat Everything But the Girl Missing
Telepopmusik Breathe Ladytron Playgirl
Royksopp Eple Funki Porcini Purrfect
St Germain Rose Rouge Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde
Kruder & Dorfmeister Sofa Rockers Portishead Sour Times
Billie Holiday Gloomy Sunday Groove Armada Edge Hill
Carl Finlow Anomaly Radiohead Everything in its Right Place
The Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea Coldcut Timber
Rabbit In the Moon Out of Body Experience Lamb Gorecki
Chicane No Ordinary Morning Royksopp 49 Percent
Qkumba Zoo Cloud Eyes Orbital Belfast
Groove Armada Dusk You & Me Claude Andersen Porcelain
Oliver Mtukudzi Todii Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy
Badmarsh & Shri Sajanna The Poppy Family There's No Blood In Bone
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather for Ducks Kid Loco Relaxin' with Cherry
Kruder & Dorfmeister High Noon Air Alone in Kyoto
Estella Blaine Il ne faut pas Tosca Suzuki
Enya Boadicea Vangelis Tears in Rain
Vangelis Chariots of Fire Brian Eno Deep Blue Day
Optical Reckless Mission(Dub) Michael Nyman The Promise
The Highwaymen The Highwayman Eddie Vedder The Long Road
Scott McKenzie San Francisco Gabor Szabo Galatea's Guitar
Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side The Rolling Stones Play With Fire
Goldie Inner City Life Mazzy Star Fade Into You
Fiona Apple Across the Universe Portishead Glory Box
Loco Locass Art Poetik Nujabes Aruarian Dance
Wax Tailor Que Sera RJD2 Ghostwriter
Air La femme d'argent Massive Attack Five Man Army
Natural Born Chillers Rock the Funky Beats Tricky Hell is round the Corner
Dr Octagon Blue Flowers Blue States Season Song
Cocteau Twins Cherry Coloured Funk Honeyroot Where I Belong
Simon & Garfunkel The Boxer The Jesus and Mary Chain Just Like Honey
The Chemical Brothers The Test Karminsky Experience Exploration
Jan Hammer Crockett's Theme Lali Puna Faking the Books
Thievery Corporation Warning Shots El-P Deep Space 9mm
Dan the Automator It's Over Now Kid Koala & Dynomite D Third World Lover
Rabbit in the Moon Waiting for the Moon Hooverphonic Mad About You
Massive Attack Protection Olive You're Not Alone
Mandalay This life Lunascape Tears from the Moon
Royksopp Remind Me Lamb Angelica
Michael Nyman The Departure Goldfrapp Utopia
Sarah Brightman Eden Motorcycle As the Rush Comes - G&D
Groove Armada At the River Moby Porcelain
DJ Shadow & Automator Satchidanda Fugees Ready or Not
Boards of Canada Dayvan Cowboy Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen
M83 Run Into Flowers Sigur Ros Untitled #4
Moby One Of These Mornings Balligomingo Purify
The Aloof Favelas Delerium Wisdom
Malcolm McLaren Aria On Air Sarah Brightman Anytime Anywhere
(edit: removed kansas, enya, esthero, isaak & denver, added goldie, fiona, aloof, wise hand, & badmarsh)
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2020.09.12 04:36 LordCamelslayer Survey- What Problem Players Have You Seen?

Recent discussions on this subreddit have made me curious about the prevalence of certain problem players at the table. As such, I put together a survey to see which ones people see the most.
If you so wish to participate, click the link and check each problem player you have seen at the table.

Google Forms Survey

The results are automatically updated on this Google Sheets file:

Google Sheets- Results

Below is a list of the problem players listed and a brief description. If there are any blatantly obvious ones I missed, let me know and I'll add them.
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2020.09.12 00:38 SneakerBuyer1 [FS] [UK] - Givenchy, Overcoat, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kids (Child), Tom Ford, Blonded, Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Louboutin

I'm accepting offers but please be reasonable, i'm not desperate to sell so please don't waste both of our time with silly offers.
Accepting PayPal invoice only. The prices listed are excluding shipping.
Shipping (upto 2kg parcel):
UK £5
EU £15
US £20
Rest of World £POA
Sale prices are listed in bold with old prices struckthrough

The reason I'm selling most of the stuff is either it doesn't fit me or I don't like the item after purchasing. All of the stuff was bought within the last year and most of it is unworn, the price will reflect an item if it's used.
If you want anymore pics or measurements or anything else send me a PM.

Camel Overcoat £23 £15 (Size XL) - Fits Size M, not my style. Bought from random tao link posted on sub
Black Givenchy Motocross T-shirt £25 £22 (Size XL) - fits size M, worn a few times before but no longer want it as i have the same tshirt in white
Grey Polo Ralph Lauren T-Shirt £9 (Size XL) - Fits size M, worn a few times and bought from hansolo last year but it no longer fits me well
Black Polo Ralph Lauren T-Shirt £9 (Size XL) - Fits size M, worn a few times and bought from hansolo last year but it no longer fits me well
Navy Short-Sleeve Shirt £30 £27 (Size 42) - Fits size M as it's a slim fit shirt. Bought from a really popular designer shirt seller, it doesn't come with tags.
Tom Ford Black Velvet full Tracksuit £100 £90 (Size M) - Fits Size M but the trousers are a bit short. Bought from Weidian Link that's OOS. The quality and attention to detail is really good. Never worn
Cream Gucci Polo T-Shirt £45 (Size S) - Fits Size M, changed my mind on the colour and bought black instead. Bought from Lyfactory and never worn.
White Gucci Belt Logo T-shirt £30 (Size L) - Fits TTS/XL. never worn and bought from Fory.
White Fendi T-shirt £21 (Size XXL) - Fits Size L, slim fitting and worn a few times. Copped from random tao link.
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Cream/White Sweater £35 (Size 175/88A) - Fits Size M/L, never worn not my style. Copped from random tao link.

Tom Ford Black Velvet full Tracksuit £100 £90 (Size M) - Fits Size M but the trousers are a bit short. Bought from Weidian Link that's OOS. The quality and attention to detail is really good. Never worn
Black Givenchy Taped Logo Shorts £38 (Size L) - Fits TTS, bought from a tao link last summer quality and details are all good. Worn a few times last year but they're too big for me now.
White Louboutin Trainers £90 (Size 43) - Fits TTS, bought from Home only worn a few times. Best quality louboutins out there for the price. Comes with a box and dustbag.

Red Givenchy Paris T-shirt £11 (Size 120) - Worn a few times, very good quality. Fits children under 120cm tall
Black Fendi T-Shirt £12 (Size 140) - Never worn, quality is quite good. Fits children just under 140cm

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2020.09.11 20:38 tatercakes22 Celebrate Namjoon’s Favorite Artists

In honor of Namjoon’s Birthday, I thought it would be fun to compile some of his favorite artists that he has shared with us. This could be all forms of art (painters, musicians, authors, etc).
Most recently, he mentioned his favorite abstract artists Yun Hyong-Keun and Kim Whan-Ki during the GQ style interview and it led me to look up the artists. While looking up Yun Hyong- Keun I came across a write up that included excerpts of his diary which I found very powerful.
Yun Hyong-keun deeply believed in the power of art to arouse feelings and emotions, but didn't believe in art as power. As he wrote in his diary in 1980, "Art isn't made with power, like a boxer, or with resourcefulness, like a politician. Art is only made with a person's heart."
Abstract art is out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed learning about the artists. It also felt like I was getting a glimpse of how they influence Namjoon. Yun Hyong-Keun Write Up
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2020.09.11 17:35 -Fashion-News- Style Stories: ready for the weekend with GQ Style fashion director Elgar Johnson BOSS

Style Stories: ready for the weekend with GQ Style fashion director Elgar Johnson BOSS submitted by -Fashion-News- to fashionnews [link] [comments]

2020.09.11 12:25 strawberry-soju Gaming/Editing/Workstation PC. $1500 budget.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Main: 1. Playing lightweight gaming for Valorant and League of Legends - 1080p 144hz 2. Editing photos on Lightroom or videos on Premiere Pro - 4K videos and tons of RAW photos. 3. Streaming, videocalling, opening countless browser tabs.
Other thoughts: 1. Lightweight Machine Learning or Server development. 2. Run Windows + Linux 3. File storage for photos and videos alternative to external drive
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
$1500, ideally $1000.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
The sooner the better, but I can wait until EOY. Alternatively, I am willing to buy used parts as placeholder for newer parts and releases.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Tower and PC, Large Storage for decent read/write/browse.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
BC, Canada
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Yes, as long as the parts are in safe range
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Yes, Windows, but no preference.
Extra info or particulars:
N/A. I love you all for helping me out.
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2020.09.11 04:00 originalhoopsta Hoop's Clinical Decks

Future doctors!

Just wanted to stop by and repost my clinical decks again with functioning links. As a reminder, my decks are usually more geared toward specific aspects of clinical medicine. If you have a weakness in an area, it's my hope that these may help.

- Pediatrics: last updated August 2020

Comprehensive Pediatrics has 3k+ cards covering HY stuff for peds. I revamped the tagging and added a few pictures from OME. Includes Visual Dx and Tx in Pediatrics last updated March 2020

Peds Visual Diagnosis and Treatment

Sample cards: Front Back & Front Back

- EKG & Rhythm Strips: last updated April 2020

Here is Version #3 of EKG: EKG basics, pathologies, lots of practice with rhythm strips, and an overview of ACLS. It has 1,210 cards. If you downloaded this deck prior to 8/21/19, the rhythm strip practice section has been expanded from 33 to 297 cards. However, this update will not occur without deleting the 33 cards originally present.

- OBGYN: last updated March 2020

OBGYN are 788 cards on OB clinical pearls and 325 cards on GYN clinical pearls. It has a lot of detail in an open-ended question format. It's fresh off an update. It's in the Pepper style, so I recommend 'burying related new cards'.
N.B. I made this deck despite not being very good at OBGYN. I nearly dropping the last baby I delivered (heads up). Literally. The head was occiput posterior and I wasn't expecting it. The attending was cool, though. Saved the baby's life for me...

- The Only Step 3 Deck You'll Ever Need: last updated March 2020

Here is version 4 of the deck. This is a combined project with u/Ruckamongus and is made based on the Uworld questions for step 3, but it does not replace uworld. Not all of these cards are necessary.

- Rapid Review: last updated July 2019

Rapid Review for Step 2 is my rapid review deck for step 2 that follows u/Groovernaculum's rapid review deck style. It might not be that helpful as theirs, but it's an option.

- Clinical Skills: Differential Diagnosis: last updated June 2019

DDx deck, which has been edited from u/1575000001th_visitor's questions that focused on a review of systems, the phrasing of answers, and other technicalities. I then added more differential diagnoses and made the card style appear easier to read (for me).

- Dermatology: last updated November 2019

Dermatology deck. It is 1,311 cards. The older version can still be found here. And it should automatically update if you've downloaded the previous version. Hoping u/AnKingMed updates and edits this deck eventually!

- Radiology: last updated November 2019

Radiology Review is to learn and practice X-rays, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound. The front shows you an unmarked image and requires you to review it systematically to find the pathology, which is then highlighted in the answer, along with an explanation.
Here are some images as an example: Card 1 sample Card 2 sample Card 3 sample

- OMT: last updated July 2019

Here is my AnkiStill OMM deck I wrote from Savarese, OMGOMT, COMQUEST, COMBANK, Firecracker (not copying their questions or cards, just used some explanations), u/PathoTurnUp's TurnUp2OMT, and made some of my own tables and explanations, too.
N.B. At the time, I posted it as u/ATP7B but I'm not sure how to get back into that account anymore, so here we are. Everyone has an alt account to confess about, right?

An OMM Rapid Review based on AMBOSS: last updated June 2019

- Anatomy: last updated June 2019

Anatomy Lab is an Anki deck for Anatomy LAB based on Moore's clinically oriented anatomy. It has ~2,329 cards. It has numbered structures and asks you to identify them.

- Master Deck Compilation: last updated April 4th, 2020

Other things to say

I have some new things in the works, will be back again soon!
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2020.09.11 00:29 chere100 BTS Breaks Down Their Style Heroes GQ

BTS Breaks Down Their Style Heroes GQ submitted by chere100 to u/chere100 [link] [comments]

2020.09.10 21:08 Takeechy Biggest Survivor Main YouTubers Discussion

So since there are a lot of Content Creators for DBD focused on Survivor Gameplays getting bigger and bigger I just wanted to start a talk here about it.
I will list all of the "big" Survivor based Content Creators and share our opinions about it. It I forget anyone I am sorry I'm gonna list all of the big people I've seen.
I'm just gonna start with my personal opinion, if you diagree with any tell me why.
No0b3: He is currently not only the biggest Survivor Main YouTuber, but also the biggest "DBD Main" Content Creator. I used to not like him back in 2017, but since 2019 I feel like he definetely improved a lot with his content and personality, he's just really entertaining in my opinion, even though I can't stand his community. Sadly, he's also really inconsistent with his uploads. He is taking breaks a lot recently, but I can kinda relate to it, since DBD can get boring with time and especially after doing content about the game for 3 consistent years can stress you out by a lot. He set a lot of "standards" for editing for a lot of the Content Creators in DBD and inspired a lot of people with his style. He definetely deserves what he got right now, even tho would wish he could be more consistent.
OchiDO: I just can't like him. I don't wanna get into detail in here, because it would be removed from the DBD Reddit, but I just mainly see a really bad toxic vibe with him. I would like to talk a bit more about him but I really want to stay as nice as possible here.
Ayrun: Also for him - I used to not like him, because I felt like all he wanted is to destroy fun for Killers, but meanwhile he turned into a pretty interesting Content Creator which provides a lot of high quality Gameplays with really interesting builds and techniques while also being on a really high level of skill. As far as I can tell, he has been playing competitive DBD for a while now, which you can see in his high skillcap. One thing which I personally just don't really like are the kind of "clickbaity" thumbnails with red arrows on every thumbnail and stuff like "OP" on a lot on the thumbnails. In his streams he seems like a calm and nice guy though, which cares about his community and content.
Ussylis: With him it's a bit complicated in my opinion when it comes to the personality. He kinda seems a bit disrespectul often in his videos, still he does provide a lot of interesting Gameplays aswell. I just can't really watch his videos, since they mostly feel too unedited in my opinion and can get too boring sometimes (maybe because I prefer interesting music being played in the background). One thing I really respect about his content is his style of doing thumbnails, since they got a lot of creative input in it (he is also doing them by himself if I am not completely wrong).
TheJRM: He's kind of the biggest memer out of all the big YouTubers. He blew up just in this year and got massive attention within some months. His videos can be entertaining, but I just prefer games, where I actually see some interesting games, since most of his videos are just not really experienced Killers which he "bullies". Still he seems like a funny guy with a nice to listen voice and good editing to be fair.
Tithi: He started off with doing overedited "Funny Moments Montages" but meanwhile also started to do Gameplays. I didn't like his Funny Moments and also didn't like his Gameplays in the beginning but he started to improve on his Gameplays a lot recently. Also he is not a english native but he also improved a lot on his english skills. He also started a lot of the trends such as using Nintendo music for DBD videos (he started this in 2018 in his monatages before Ayrun started it). In my opinion he seems like a wholesome guy which doesn't take himself too serious.
Demi: In my opinion he definetely had his biggest time back in 2018 where he used to be one of the biggest DBD Content Creators with a lot of memes and trolling. His Content is still full of memes and trolls which can be quiet entertaining, but it can also get boring a bit after watching some of his videos. He still has a lot of creative input and he also shows a lot of his personality in his videos, more than most of the others from this list do, which is a really positive thing.
CowsIAM: A guy which used to be big for CS:GO Content also got big in the DBD Community in around 2019 with a lot of extremely time consuming creative videos. You can definetely tell after you watched some of his videos, that his videos are the most time consuming videos out of all the Content Creators from this list. The disadvantage of this is that he is also not really consistent with his videos just like No0b3. He seems like a relatable guy which is just really passionate about editing and entertaining on YouTube.

Soo that was it for my list of the biggest Survivor based DBD YouTubers. Be sure to share your opinion here. If you don't know any of them search up for their channel on YouTube and try to think about the content.
Thanks for reading this long thread and thanks for your opinions :)
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2020.09.10 14:38 PaulChittenden From Plumbers Apprentice to $100 Million - 26 Business Lessons from an Expert Marketer (Conor McGregor)

Conor McGregor went from plumbers apprentice to making $100 Million. This is not all that surprising given he is a sports superstar.
What is surprising is that he did this in MMA, a sport that notoriously doesn't pay this kind of money.
In fact, McGregor's net worth is at least 3X that of his TOP peers in the sport. And if you look at the Top 15 highest-paid fighters in the UFC, three are only there because they fought McGregor.
Conor McGregor is surely a controversial character, but there are surely some business lessons to learn from his rise to fame. After studying his career and countless hours of video, here are 26 lessons I've learned from the man himself.

Lesson 1 - Find a Need in the Market that Needs Fulfilling

When Conor moved to a new suburb, he lost his group of friends and had to start over. As the new guy, he got in his share of fights. Without a group of friends to back him up, he needed to learn to fight so he could protect himself. With boxing training, any potential attackers might find themselves getting more than they’ve bargained for and decide to pick on an easier target.
Crumlin Boxing Club fulfilled that need for Conor, and initiated his journey to superstardom.
In business, you need to find a need with your particular audience. Fulfill that need and buyers will come to you.
Let’s take boxing gyms as an example.
In a rough neighborhood, you’ll find “real” boxing gyms. The boxers here come to learn how to truly fight and even compete.
In “upper-class” neighborhoods, you’ll find more cardio based boxing gyms. The goal at these gyms are more for exercise than actual fighting. You won’t see too many sparring sessions at these gyms.
Both models are successful. Understand your market.

Lesson 2 - Find Your Passion. Try new things

McGregor and Tom Egan, while opposites, met in high school both enjoyed MMA. They watched UFC broadcasts on weekends together. It was Egan who sparked Conor’s interest in MMA.
Conor started dabbling in both MMA and boxing, and eventually, left boxing for his true love of MMA. With this focus, Conor went on to dominate the MMA scene.
In business, even the best entrepreneurs can get burnt out. If you look at Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs, they are all extremely passionate about what they do.
They can and do put in the hours to become the best in their niches. When they speak, you hear the passion and feel drawn to their cause.
It’s hard to be tremendously successful if you hate what you do.

Lesson 3 - Find a Mentor to Increase the Likelihood and Decrease the Time to Success

Although they were around the same age, Tom Egan made it to the UFC first. Conor saw his pal in the UFC, and knew that he had a chance too. The impossible became possible and no longer just a dream.
In business, you need to find a mentor who is ahead of you. Mentors can help you avoid big mistakes.
More importantly, mentors show you what is possible and can create a complete level change in your game.

Lesson 4 - Surround Yourself with People That Want You to Succeed & Will Support You. Stay Loyal to Them.

Dee Devlin has been by Conor’s side since the beginning. She supported him when he was a nobody.
She believed in him.
Dee experienced all of the ups and downs on the path to fame. They grew together.
When you become rich and famous, people try to take advantage of you. It becomes harder to find true friends and romantic partners. Conor avoided this and married the girl who helped him get to where he is now.
Let’s face it, some successful entrepreneurs did not have this support system. They were doubted, laughed at even. This doubt fueled their desire to succeed.
Even so, these entrepreneurs eventually built teams which were so inspired by the entrepreneur’s vision, they eventually do build these supportive relationships.
If you do have this support system, remember who was there supporting you from the beginning. True friendships are an important foundation for happiness as you become more successful.

Lesson 5 - Intense Focus on Your Craft Decide on What You Want and Put 100% Focus Into It

Not only did Dee Devlin give Conor emotional and moral support, she financially supported him as well. She waited tables so that Conor could focus 100% on his training. She helped him buy healthier foods to fuel his body.
Conor was naturally talented. Adding in 100% focus to his training allowed him to accelerate his skills much quicker.
Most people are juggling too many things. Spending hours playing Call of Duty, late nights drinking, dreaming instead of doing, are taking time away from honing your craft.
The best of the best are practicing. They are making sales calls. In the studio.
With 100% focus and persistence, you will eventually make it.

Lesson 6 - The Law of Attraction Visualizing Yourself to Greatness

Conor attributes the use of visualization and the Law of Attraction to manifest his way to becoming a champion.
This all sounds kind of crazy, but the same technique has been cited by Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey, plus dozens of athletes and mega celebrities including, Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Vonn, Tony Robbins, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West,.
What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is a belief that a person’s thoughts and focus bring positive or negative experiences into the person’s life.
Conor’s sister Erin, a bodybuilder and fitness model, recommended he read The Secret, a book on the Law of Attraction. He opted for the DVD version.
"Even when I first watched it, I was like, this is bulls--t," McGregor told Bleacher Report in 2015.
But after watching it, something clicked. Conor and Dee started using it to visualize little things, like getting the front parking spots. After seeing it work, he went on to visualize himself as a champion. In fact, his family credits the moment he watched The Secret, as the birth of Conor McGregor, the superstar.
Stop thinking small. Dream big!

Lesson 7 - Fight IQ Get a Deep Understanding of Your Competition

In his first UFC post fight interview, he clearly said that he thought Brimmage was emotional and would overthrow his shots. Conor fully understands there is the game before the game.
McGregor’s fight IQ is off the charts.
All fighters watch films of previous fights. Try to find subtle tells. They begin each fight carefully, trying to figure out distance and timing.
Watching Conor, it almost looks intuitive. It seems that he knows his opponents better than they know themselves.
This is most evident after the Aldo fight. Video is released of McGregor practicing the exact sequence that dispatched the 10-year winning streak of the champion.
After the fight, Conor said he saw a subtle tell before the bell rang. Aldo’s right hand was twitching. He knew Aldo was going to unload a big right hand that would set up his left hand knockout punch. Seriously, watch the video below. Mystic Mac believes in the power of visualization.
Know your competition. You can outsmart them. Be faster. Have better customer service. Be good where they suck.

Lesson 8 - Be an entertainer. Stand for Something. Be Polarizing. People Will Love You or Hate You & That’s Not Bad.

Dana White knew Conor McGregor was going to be a star the very first time they met. Why?
Dana said it was his personality. His laugh.
What else is underneath this?
Conor McGregor had a clear focus to become UFC Champion and become rich and famous. He had an outlandish personality. He was witty. He would entertain the masses.
I’ve never met Conor McGregor in person, but from most reports from fans and casuals alike, McGregor is a completely different person outside of the ring.
A nice and pleasant guy.
Is the UFC Conor McGregor just a persona?
Who else had success in the UFC with an outlandish and polarizing personality?
The WWE has perfected this character. They call them the heel. Conor McGregor may or may not be the heel, but he definitely is polarizing, and he is very much like a WWE character.
Love him or hate him, every MMA and boxing fan knows Conor McGregor.
Like the greatest before him, McGregor knows that almost any attention is good attention.
Step into the MMA forums or a Facebook discussion, and you will see the Conor McGregor haters out in full force.
But guess what, his haters still buy his PPV fights - to see him lose!
If you want to be a public figure, amplify your message. Take who you are, and multiply that by 3X or 10X.
Sure, you want to be authentic. Don’t be someone you’re not. But take it up a notch.
Be exciting. Be an entertainer.

Lesson 9 - Find Your 1000 True Fans Cater to Your Base

In his first UFC fight, Conor is seen with an Irish flag draped over his shoulders as he walks to the ring. Before he was a worldwide superstar, Conor worked to become the ambassador of Irish MMA.
In fact, as his stardom grew, it seemed half of Ireland would travel to his fights.
The UFC, having dominated the American MMA market, was ready to move into Europe, and Conor McGregor would carry the entirety of Ireland.
Kevin Kelly, editor at Wired magazine, wrote an essay called “1,000 True Fans.” The essay, a must read, states that all it takes to earn a living as creator is 1,000 true fans who will buy your work.
For McGregor, his fanbase started with his countrymen. As his stardom grew, so did his base of fans.
In business, you have to find your core supporters. The people who will buy your product. The people who will share your content. The people that love your product or service so much they have to tell their friends about it.
Find your Ireland and grow from there.

Lesson 10 - Fighting is a Mind Game Discover Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

Conor McGregor is a master of getting inside his opponent’s head. Often, his opponents become emotional and abandon their game plan or overextend their shots.f
Many fighters talk trash. Many fighters try to intimidate their opponents. They may even come close to actually fighting during staredowns. But - they don’t completely destroy 8 weeks of game planning the way Conor does.
Before the fight with Dustin Poirier, McGregor said:
Just as he says, he defeats Poirier by KO in the first round. Mystic Mac is born.
Dustin Poirier is an amazing fighter. As a fellow Louisiana boy, he’s one of my favorites.
I don’t believe that Dustin was beat in the ring. He was beaten before the fight.
McGregor baited him. Made him angry. Dustin Poirer didn’t follow his game plan.
Conor’s remarks that this is just a game really sums it all up. After the Dustin Poirier fight, we see McGregor take his head games up a notch. The best example is the fight with Aldo.
Aldo went 10 years without a defeat. Fighters were afraid of him.
After defeating Dennis Siver, McGregor jumps the Octagon fence and goes straight for Aldo, showing he has no fear of the champion.
The pre-fight insults from McGregor are being hurled at unprecedented speed - expletives, racist comments, attacking the entire Brazilian nation. But when McGregor steals Aldo's belt, there is one moment when you see the look of defeat on the Brazilian's face.
McGregor raises his hands as if he already knows he’s the champion. Aldo, unable to do anything in the moment, mentally breaks. Maybe it was just a seed of doubt, but McGregor was in his head.
As a small brand, sometimes going after the big guys can be tough. Study your competitor. Find out what they do well and where they are lacking.
No one is perfect. Focus on your competitor's weaknesses. Fill those gaps. Be nimble. Slowly take market share by doing what they cannot.

Lesson 11 - Differentiation - Discover What Sets You Apart from the Crowd

Conor had big dreams. He was already visualizing himself as a massive star. A rich, popular, double champ at that.
How would the double champ act? What would he look like? How would he speak?
Rumors were going around that McGregor was getting easy fights. Maybe it was true. The UFC was investing in his brand to grow the European market. They didn’t want their golden boy to lose yet.
I cannot confirm this through any research, but I’m sure Conor was aware of the UFC’s plans and his role in them.
Instead of denying the matchmaking, McGregor doubles down and talks about his relationship with Lorenzo (one of the owner’s of the UFC). In fact, they even have a tradition of toasting a shot of whiskey after McGregor’s wins.
McGregor has gone from plumber’s apprentice to UFC star. His Lorenzo comments are positioning him as the employee who is winning and dining with the CEO. Isn’t this the dream of all employees?
Go back to the beginning of Conor’s Instagram. It quickly goes from typical fighter to businessman and luxury everything - clothes, cars, private jets.
He dons his trademark suits.
Conor is no longer just a fighter. He’s the guy from the rough neighborhood that made it.
He’s transcended fighter status. He’s different.
In business, marketing and positioning are the key to market domination.
Your brand, your image, your packaging, your customer service. Are they aligned with your target market?

Lesson 12 - Understand the Machine that Drives Your Industry

McGregor worked hard to build his personal brand. He built his profile, entertaining the masses and winning in spectacular fashion.
Winning fights gets better fights. But have you noticed that some fighters keep winning but aren’t given a main event? Maybe they are passed over for a title shot?
McGregor understood the game. He dove into the machine head on, realizing that putting up big numbers gets you bigger opportunities.
More than anything, the UFC organization is a promotion and hype machine. The UFC’s job is to sell fights, build storylines, and develop fighters.
Conor understands this. He has fully leveraged the UFC’s marketing powers to 10X his brand. He layers his own marketing on top of the UFC’s efforts.
McGregor took chances. He talked smack. He manufactured beef / rivalry. He won his fights in spectacular fashion, and he built his social media empire to engage his fans.
The UFC brass see this. They know his popularity is growing, so they put even more dollars behind him to promote him. He coaches on the Ultimate Fighter Season 22 against Urijah Faber (another very popular fighter). He gets more popular. He pulls bigger numbers. It’s a never ending cycle for now.
With fame and celebrity comes opportunities. Big names pull big money. Bigger purses. Bigger sponsorship deals. And other opportunities outside the ring.
What is the machine behind your industry? Determine how the big boys in your industry are winning.
Is it their sales team? Is it paid ads? Is it media coverage?
Deconstruct the winners and find your way in.

Lesson 13 - When Opportunity Presents Itself, Take Your Shot

When Aldo was injured, Mendes stepped in on 3 week’s notice to fight for the interim title.
Both McGregor and Mendes saw the opportunity, McGregor, an interim belt and Mendes the belt plus a McGregor payday,
While this happens all the time, it is a risk. McGregor was preparing for a different fighter. Mendes didn’t have a full training camp.
In business, opportunities can present themselves at any time. It is up to you to see them and capitalize on them.
“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later.” - Richard Branson

Lesson 14 - Precision Beats Power, Timing Beats Speed

A fighter studies their opponent to understand their movement, any tells, and potential holes in their game. Conor does this exceptionally well.
In my first few sparring sessions, my biggest surprise was how fast the more advanced fighter's were. Not their hand speed. It was how fast their mind worked. They saw my punches coming almost before I threw them. They were able to move out of the way and counter with ease. They saw something I didn't see.
A fighter with a high fight IQ has:
So far, Conor's only hole is his ground game. Standing up, he has the upper hand. After the Aldo fight, he said this:
This quote is a great way to think about business.
Precision beats power. Oftentimes, you are competing with the big boys, the entrenched competitors, or the huge multinational corporation. They have power.
A smaller business can compete with precision. You can serve the customer better. You can offer a more personalized service. You can serve in a profitable capacity, that the big boys are ignoring because it is too small for them. Be precise.
Timing beats speed. Being first to market can help you get first crack at market share, maybe even give you time to build a moat. Yet, timing beats speed. Sometimes it is better to let the first mover establish a market before moving in. You’ll save all the cost of developing the market, and you can learn from their mistakes. Time the market.

Lesson 15 - See the Opportunity & Ask for What You Want

At this point, Conor McGregor basically gets whatever fight he wants. However, Lesson 15 flips the script. This isn’t about McGregor. It is about Nate Diaz.
After Nate Diaz defeated Michael Johnson at UFC Fox 17, he stepped up to the mic and called out Conor McGregor in an expletive filled rant.
This takes us back to another infamous McGregor press conference with reference to “Red Panty Night.”
Conor McGregor brings in huge paydays, and he says a fight with him is cause for celebration. Fighters will make more fighting him than any other fighter on the roster.
Diaz understood this. He saw the opportunity. And he asked for it.
Diaz’s first fight with Conor McGregor earned him 4X what he made for his previous second highest grossing fight.
The second fight went on to earn him more in one night than he made his entire UFC career.
Then, his rise in popularity has earned him a noticeable bump in his post McGregor fights.
What can we learn from this? Too many people can spot the opportunity, but don’t have the balls to go for it.
Ask for the meeting.
Ask for the sale.
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky

Lesson 16 - Rivalries are Opportunities

Nate Diaz was no match for Conor McGregor’s verbal sparring as seen in several pre-fight interviews. But Nate Diaz has his own Stockton “Gangsta” style of dealing with rivalries that fans love.
After Conor shows up 30 minutes late, Diaz walks out. Diaz’s team throws a water bottle. Things get out of hand.
Rivalries can be great marketing opportunities. This clash no doubt sold more PPV’s.
Take a look at Wendy’s taking a shot at McDonald’s on Twitter.
Look at the number of Retweets. Holy crap.
Have some fun. Maybe a rivalry is just the PR stunt you need.

Lesson 17 - Do Not Succumb to Failure. Learn from Your Mistakes. Pivot.

Mcgregor lost to Diaz in their first matchup by submission. Conor analyzed his mistakes in training and particularly his diet.
He put these learnings to use in their second matchup.
Conor came back and won their second fight by decision, in a grueling 5 round matchup.
In business, we experience failures just like in life. Markets change, regulations change, and unprecedented events such as Covid can derail our plans.
You need to be okay with failure. But don’t let a failure go to waste.
Analyze it. See what when wrong. Find out how you could have changed things. Make a plan not to make that mistake again.
Maybe you need to pivot. Maybe you just need to make some tweaks. Either way, a failure can make your business stronger, if you implement the changes necessary to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Lesson 18 - Make History Change the Game

In the lead up to the fight with Alvarez, a promo is released, and we hear Conor Mcgregor say:
There has not been a UFC champion in two weight classes at the same time. McGregor was gunning to go down as the first in the UFC record books.
At the same time, he would make history as headlining the first MMA fight in Madison Square Gardens. It was truly a historic moment in the world of MMA.
Riches, fame. It means nothing in the end.
But, history?
And just like the story of Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile, Conor opened up the door for other champ champs - Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and Henry Cejudo.
Too many entrepreneurs are doing “me-too” business. Chasing successful businesses in hopes of making some cash.
The true game changers are going big. Trying to change history.
Truly think about what you can do to change the industry, to innovate, to do the impossible.

Lesson 19 - Leverage Other People’s Audiences

Back in 2015, Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber were announced as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter reality show contest.
The same year, video surfaced of a sparring session between Game of Throne’s “The Mountain”
Each of these appearances allowed Conor to utilize other people’s audiences (OPA) to gain additional fans outside of his current fan base.
The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series brought in the series’ fans plus fans of Urijah that may not have been fans of Conor and gave them a chance to get to know him over multiple exposures (episodes).
The playful sparring session with The Mountain allowed Conor to gain exposure to the Game of Throne’s audience who followed Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. He’s appeared on the cover of GQ and appeared on the cover of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.,
McGregor has also had appearances on Conan O’brien’s Late Night and has sung pub songs with Jimmy Fallon.
Speaking of Conan, did you know 23 celebrities own shares in the UFC? Here they are:
Now this is a genius move by the UFC. By allowing celebrities to own a piece of the UFC, the UFC knows that they will promote the business to their following, bringing in additional fans that would not normally be watching.
McGregor’s biggest example of leveraging other people’s audiences is his crossover fight with Mayweather. Mayweather is boxing’s greatest fighter ever. Not only does Mayweather have a huge audience, this fight would introduce Conor McGregor to the entire boxing audience.
No matter your industry, you need to know where your customers are. Who has a similar pool of leads in their audience?
Partner with another complimentary company that shares your audience.
Get a story written about you and your company in your industry’s magazine.
Go where the fish are, but fish with dynamite.

Lesson 20 - Know Your Numbers What is the Most Profitable Thing in Your Business?

At this point, Conor McGregor is the highest paid fighter in UFC history.
Yet, he is making peanuts compared to the big names in boxing.
Conor realizes this and guns for the biggest name in boxing, Floyd Mayweather. If he can make this happen, it will be the biggest payday in his career.
Similarly, you need to understand your own numbers. Where is the money?
What product lines are the most profitable? What are the least?
Make decisions based on numbers.

Lesson 21 - Negotiating Like a Pro Keep it Win-Win, and Give to Get

How do you get the biggest name in boxing, arguably the best boxer to ever step into the ring, to agree to a fight with an MMA fighter who has never professionally boxed?
You need to understand what the other party wants. Not just on the surface. What they truly want.
What would Mayweather possibly want?
  1. Money - Mayweather likes to spend money and is rumored to have financial troubles.
  2. Vanity - Mayweather wants to keep his undefeated record untarnished.
  3. Cash Flow - Mayweather wants big fights. At 43, the window of opportunity is slowly closing.
When Mayweather fought Pacquiao, the purse was split $180 million for Mayweather and $120 million for Pacquiao, according to Kurt Badenhausen.
Big number for sure. What could Conor offer? He has a big name, but he’s not Manny Pacquiao.
Money: Conor offers a better split of revenues. Reportedly, Mayweather took in $500 million with Conor only taking $100 million.
Vanity: On paper, this fight should be the least risk for Mayweather. Sure, Conor has a monster left hand, but he’s not a professional boxer. Mayweather believes he will retain his record.
Cash Flow: McGregor offers to promote the hell out of this fight. With Mayweather believing he has no chance of losing, he also retains his record, assuring he can continue to get big money fights.
Let’s face it. Conor couldn’t lose. Losing to Mayweather in a boxing match doesn’t hurt his brand at all, and he comes away $100 million dollars richer and an even bigger brand.
The secret to negotiating is to have a deep understanding of what the other party wants.
Make the deal win-win. If the other party has massive leverage or if the deal could be a game changer for you or your business, don’t be afraid to give them more.

Lesson 22 - Spend More Time on Promotion

MMA training takes a considerable amount of time.
MMA fighters train in multiple disciplines, lift weights, and do a ton of cardio. They also need time to sleep and recover.
With all this training, how do you even have time to promote the fight?
Still McGregor has taken time to make appearances, go on press tours, television, podcasts, and more.
A lot of fighters hate promoting. It takes time away from the things they need to do to prepare for a fight.
No matter how hard it is, promotion is key to becoming a big name in the sport.
This is great advice, especially for creatives. Creatives spend so much time producing work. It seems productive, but you need to spend equal time promoting.

Lesson 23 - Diversify You Need Multiple Revenue Streams

As in most professional sports, MMA fighters take a brutal toll on their bodies. It is hard to determine the average fighter’s career length, but the 9-year rule, stating that fighter’s start to decline around the 9-year mark, is a good indicator.
This means that most fighters only have 10 years to maximize their career earnings in the sport.
McGregor has done this through sponsorships:
He has a residency deal with the Wynn Las Vegas for his post fight after parties.
He owns digital properties selling workouts (McGregor FAST Program), emojis (MacMoji App), the MacTalk App, and the everything McGregor and MMA website, the Mac Life. All of these generate additional revenue.
Then like a true Irishman, he started his own line of whiskey, Proper 12, just in time before the biggest fight of his MMA career against Khabib Nurmagomedov. In a genius move, McGregor sponsored his own UFC fight to promote his new whiskey. The brand has reportedly brought in $1 billion in sales in its first year.
Changing markets, the economy, or a pandemic can all change everything in an instant. It is important to have multiple revenue streams to both maximize revenue generation opportunities and safeguard you from a change in circumstances such as a lay-off.
Side Hustles are becoming more and more popular!

Lesson 24 - There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Conor McGregor and his team’s bus incident ignited a flurry of bad press. A string of bad publicity follows. Let's take a quick look at the Google trends for Conor Mcgregor searches over time:
There are 12 peaks indicating high searches:
  1. Becomes Cage Warriors Double Champ (& tweeted by Joe Rogan)
  2. McGregor vs Mendes (& interviewed on Conan)
  3. McGregor vs. Aldo
  4. McGregor vs. Diaz I
  5. McGregor vs. Diaz II
  6. McGregor vs. Alvarez
  7. McGregor vs. Mayweather
  8. McGregor Bus Incident
  9. McGregor vs. Khabib
  10. Accusation of Sexual Assault
  11. Mcgregor Bar Fight
  12. Mcgregor vs. Cerrone
Numbers 8, 10, & 11 are all bad press.
But an old saying by P.T. Barnum rang true.
The fight with Khabib went on to become the biggest fight in UFC history.
Now the saying isn’t 100% true, we’ve all seen bad press sink a company, but let’s be real, this is the fight game. The fans secretly loved it. Come on, he’s a fighter. We expect this.
Bad Publicity can actually help smaller brands, as it still gets eyeballs on the product, service, or person. The strategy definitely has some risks, but we’ve seen some major brands built with bad press (think Kim K’s sex tape).
However, larger brands can lose a lot of business with bad press.

Lesson 25 - Forward Momentum Propels You Forward Choose Your Battles Wisely

After a long lay-off between the Khabib defeat, Conor needs to win a big fight to get back in title contention.
Donald Cerrone is a great matchup. It is a fight he is expected to win as he is a -300 favorite according to oddsmakers. Plus, Cerrone is one of the most entertaining fighters to watch with his stand and bang style.
McGregor’s quick win over Donald Cerrone provides him with forward momentum once again and vaults him right back into title contention.
Look for little wins. Forward momentum propels you forward, boosts your confidence, and reinvigorates your motivation.
Set goals. Blast them. Keep moving forward.

Lesson 26 - Be Willing to Walk Away if the Deal Isn’t Right

At this point, McGregor wants a big fight.
A rematch with Khabib, a contender’s fight against Gaethje, or a spectacle with either a Diaz trilogy or the BMF holder, Masvidal.
No other fights really make sense right now.
Maybe Conor will take a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or perhaps the talks about Pacquiao are true. Who knows.
Without the right match on the table, Conor decides to sit on the sideline until the right deal is presented.
Sometimes it is better to walk away and keep your stock high than to take a bad deal.

Bonus Lesson 1 - Take Care of Your Body & Mind

As an elite athlete, surely Conor McGregor is in great shape. Yet, it was a story about Lebron James that changed his entire outlook on training and mindset.
Lebron reportedly has a cadre of trainers, biomechanists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and personal chefs that have all contributed to his longevity in the sport. He does cryotherapy and spends time in the hyperbaric chamber. It was even reported that Lebron took ballet classes to help with his footwork.
He spends roughly $1.5 million a year on his body.
After McGregor read this, he knew he had to invest in his own body.
It seems he also worked with Tony Robbins, the ultimate life coach, to help with his mental state.
Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends. Choose three.
The above is a running joke in the startup world. It is hard to juggle everything when you’re busy trying to change the world.
Physical fitness and mental health are extremely important. Keep in shape and you’ll be more productive, have more energy, and be able to think more clearly.

Bonus Lesson 2 - Develop Unbreakable Confidence

Conor McGregor exudes confidence. While all professional athletes share this trait, Conor’s confidence is off the charts even for professional athlete standards.
A lot of people mistake McGregor’s confidence for arrogance. Understandably so.
Yet, Conor believes what he is saying.
I’ve watched countless hours of pre-fight interviews of both Conor and other fighters. Conor McGregor has absolute certainty he is going to win.
Other fighters also believe they are going to win. However, you can see faint tells, twitches, micro expressions, or even vocal uncertainties in their responses. Subconsciously, somewhere deep down, the fighter has doubts. Doubts in themselves and doubts in their abilities.
This is not evident anywhere in Conor McGregor’s UFC career. This does put the Tony Robbins coaching into perspective. DId Conor need help getting his confidence back after he was defeated by Khabib? Tony Robbins would be the guy to get your mojo back!
I believe there are two main drivers to success in business:
  1. Believing in yourself
  2. Having something to prove
Confidence gets you on the road to success. If you believe in yourself, you’ll be willing to take the chance at greatness.
On the flip side of the coin, there is one group of people with low confidence that also have the ability to make it big - someone who is determined to prove their worth. These people are so determined to be successful their lack of confidence does not scare them away. Slowly, they become confident along the way.

Bonus Lesson 3 - Be Grateful

The one thing that surprised me in the research for this article was how grateful he is for everything he has accomplished.
Conor Mcgregor, an international sports legend with $100+ million dollars. A man that could have anything he wants. And he is truly grateful for his success.
No matter your success in life, this one is the key. No amount of money will ever make you happy. But gratitude - for your family, your friends, your lifestyle, for every little positive thing in your life that you take for granted, that is the real key to success and happiness.
If you enjoyed this, the full article can be found here.
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